Starbucks is notorious for creating wacky frappuccinos that often reflect holidays, but this time they created one especially for college students: the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino.

I don’t know about you, but at various time throughout the week, I have a half hour mini panic attack. I freak out because I realize that I don’t have a solid plan for my life like everyone thinks I should and at the ripe old age of 18.

So, to give myself peace of mind, I let Starbucks tell me my future with their magical sprinkles.

This drink predicts the future (really)

Starbucks designed the Crystal Ball Frappuccino to tell fortunes. Each customer has the possibility of receiving blue, green, or purple sprinkles.

Blue foretells adventure in your future, green symbolizes luck, and purple means magic. I got blue sprinkles on my Frappuccino so hopefully sometime this week I experience an adventure (hopefully a good one).

Then again, maybe it already happened.

Starbucks provides explanations for the different sprinkle colors, and on the blue explanation states, “Better pack a snack today. Maybe an umbrella.” It was raining when I got the drink!

Maybe it was fortuitous. Maybe the barista saw that it was raining outside. Or maybe the sprinkles truly are magic. Regardless of the truth, I choose to believe in the latter.

I actually got this drink twice, but the first time I convinced the barista to put all the colored sprinkles on it. Partly because I need to take an aesthetically pleasing photo, but also because I want it all!

I want an adventure, I want luck, and I want magic.

In hindsight, maybe the green sprinkles gave me bad luck because my car was towed the night I got the drink. And it was definitely an adventure trying to get it back. All I'm missing now is the magic. I will be on the lookout this week!

Janelle Porman

Frappuccino: Yay or Nay?

After the Zombie Frappuccino and the following Christmas Tree Frappuccino, I have a more cautious approach to Starbucks’ frappuccinos because those were just a hot (not literally) mess of too many flavors in one drink.

However, Starbucks made a comeback and rehabilitated its image with this frappuccino. Yay!

The drink itself reflects the southern soul of Georgia with a peaches ‘n cream inspired drink.The base of the drink has a subtle taste of peach and the dairy in the drink contributes to the cream part of peaches ‘n cream.

I did have high hopes for the elusive peach whipped cream the Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino would be that the drink is promised to be topped with, but sadly both times I tried it I received regular (but still tasty) whipped cream.

I am a Frappuccino Fanatic, but this one was different from Starbucks' previous specialty frappuccinos. Most of the frappuccinos sold by Starbucks are very sweet, and me being a sugar addict, I love them! But this one stands apart from the others with it's milder, and to some, more pleasing taste. but this one was not as sugary and had a milder taste.

Overall, the highlight of the drink is the mystical, fortune telling sprinkles that add a nice crunch to this indulgent drink.

I vote the next specialty Starbucks frappuccino to be peanut butter and jelly! That would be an epic frappuccino!