Starbucks is all about coffee and tea innovation. After all, its divisive pumpkin spice latte just turned 20 years old in 2023. Whether you need a standard Americano to start your day or are eager to have a mid-day matcha latte drizzled with freeze-dried strawberries and even caramel drizzle, there is no shortage of ways to customize your order. Secret menu items have been a popular Pinterest staple since the early 2010s, and still, now, TikTok showcases the best unlikely Starbucks combos the chain has to offer. For all of you Halloween girlies, it's time to get out to your nearby store and pick up your secret menu Jack Skellington Frappuccino. (Hopefully, a secret menu Sally blue drink is being created by coffee fans right now.) Recently, a new secret menu Starbucks item has taken over TikTok FYPs left and right. For all of you romantics, the Starbucks chocolate-covered strawberry drink needs to be your next order. 

How do I order the Starbucks chocolate-covered strawberry drink?

Initially, this drink went viral in January and February of 2023, but recently it was repopularized by Faith Enokian, who simply asked her barista to make their favorite drink as her order.

In her barista-approved order, she merely received a venti pink drink with chocolate cream cold foam. Frankly, we love a secret menu item that actually works and won't burden the sweet, amazing workers behind the coffee bar. 

TikTok user @maryah781 accidentally ordered the drink with the strawberry açaí drink and cold foam but still tasted fabulous. She says, "If you don't like the pink drink with coconut milk, [this] tastes the exact same, it doesn't matter."

Additionally, TikTok user @maliaelaine rated her Starbucks chocolate-covered strawberry drinks a 7/10 and noted, "The more I drink her, the more she grows on me."

If you're not a chocolate person but want to level up your pink drink, we recommend you try adding some vanilla sweet cream cold foam to your beverage for a refreshing strawberries and cream flavor.