Waking up on the wrong side of the bed will have you spending $8 on a Starbucks drink before heading out to class. The vanilla cold foam at the top of the drink splashing on your lips and giving you a mustache sometimes seems like the only way to turn the day around. However, when husband-and-wife Jesse and Deedee O’Dell went to purchase their Starbucks order, their drinks did not bring them that same joy. Later that day, they discovered a charge of $4,444 from Starbucks as an added tip. So inflation really has been getting worse, huh?

For the past sixteen years, the O’Dells have been avid Starbucks customers, spending around $10 on each of their orders almost everyday. When getting ready to check-out at another store, their card was declined and confusion consumed the couple as they looked at their past charges. It was there that they found the $4,444 charge.

When the couple reached out to the Starbucks district manager, the company attributed the overly friendly tip to a networking issue and sent them back the $4,444 in two checks. The couple deposited those immediately.

Receiving those checks definitely would’ve helped the couple bounce back after that unexpected charge, except that the check literally bounced back. After spam calling the Starbucks customer service line, like calling your ex on a girls night out, a representative from Seattle assured them that they would get new checks. Luckily, unlike exes, Starbucks pulled through.

But I think Dunkin’ will be our rebound until Starbucks keeps their promise to change.