"Depresso - The feeling you get when you've run out of coffee." That is the best way to put it into words but don't worry because we've got you covered. How? Easy, Starbucks India (Or Starbae) is back with the most talked of offer of the year - Starbucks 100 and it's just the perfect time because it's International Coffee Week

Starbucks, an American coffee company and coffeehouse chain founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971  now operates at 28,218 locations worldwide and last year, they celebrated 100 outlets in India on 28th November with their Starbucks 100 offer!

International Coffee Week Starbucks Style

This year, as part of the International Coffee Week celebrations because Coffee is bae, Starbucks India is giving out all *Tall beverages at just 100 bucks each (inc. of taxes)* tomorrow on 6th of October, 2018.So head out tomorrow and enjoy tall glasses of Espressos, Frappuccinos and hot chocolates with your friends, family and EVERYONE YOU KNOW. Don't forget to share this once in a year opportunity to have Starbucks at a jaw-dropping price.Just a heads-up from our side. Last year when Starbucks had this offer, there were hundreds of people lining up in queues to grab their favourite brew. So, go as early as possible or maybe just put up a tent one night before (we're not joking) to start your day with Starbucks coffee. With that said, standing in these queues you'll meet fellow coffee lovers and you might just end up having an amazing time. Because we all know, Starbucks is worth it.

So, let's stick to what Starbucks wants "To inspire and nurture the human spirit -- one person, one cup, one neighborhood at a time" and enjoy a tall cuppa coffee at just 100 bucks!