Stacy's pita chips are truly a blessing in my life. The Simply Naked pita chips could sustain me for days if they needed to. Not that I've tried, but maybe someday. But somehow, they just got even better—enter Stacy's limited edition Women's History Month packages.

Available only in the month of March, these special bags of pita chips can act both as a vessel for your favorite snack and inspirational art for your mood board. They're cute and maybe even a bit cheeky, but the intention behind the campaign is an important one: that all women are worth celebrating, investing in, and supporting.

What's going on here?

Photo courtesy of Stacy's Pita Chips

The theme of these original art packagings is "Rising to the Occasion." This means celebrating, advancing, and supporting women of all shapes, sizes, and creeds. Launched at the beginning of March as an introduction to Women's History Month, and stocked all month long, these bags are loud and proud and full of feminism.

Each package has a specific meaning—the "UNSTOPPABLE" design is meant to underscore, clearly and boldly, how far women can go when they support each other. The lion symbolizes the ferocious tenacity required (and supplied by fighters everywhere) to advance movements for equality. And the mouths represent women speaking out, celebrating each other, and calling out injustice.

Tell me more, tell me more!

Photo courtesy of Stacy's Pita Chips

Beyond just making a statement, Stacy's has committed to making an impact with the visibility of this campaign. The company has pledged $25,000 this month to Step Up, an organization that "propels girls in under-resourced communities to fulfill their potential." And by advertising this donation, Stacy's is hoping to encourage others to support the group as well.

The brand has also recently launched the Stacy's Rise Project, which is committed to addressing inequality in the culinary field—less than 25 percent of leadership positions are held by women. The project awards a set of $10,000 scholarships every year (which began in 2017) to assist women in attending the International Culinary Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship program in New York City. The scholarship provides mentorship, scholarship, and financial support to each woman, making sure she feels empowered to pursue whichever type of culinary career she desires.

How can I get my hands on these?

Photo courtesy of Stacy's Pita Chips

The limited edition bags can be purchased online at Amazon, Jet, and Walmart. They arrive in a box set, with one bag of each design and an informational card explaining why and how the special packaging came about. Each design contains the Simply Naked flavor, obviously, because it's the best one (and a crowd pleaser). Sorry to all you Fire Roasted Jalapeño fans, your flavor just wasn't up to par for such a momentous occasion apparently. 

Aside from being incredibly aesthetically pleasing, these specially designed bags are a solid reminder of the power that is women. And in honor of Women's History Month, that's exactly the reminder we all need. But act quickly, because the box sets are selling out quick—don't miss your opportunity to snack with purpose.