St. Patty’s Day falls on a Monday this year, but we don’t expect that to stop anybody from drinking. Classes all day long? Have no fear. Here’s our guide to St. Patty’s Day class drinking that will keep your buzz going all day long.

1. Have some coffee in the morning…Irish coffee.

Photo by Alex Tom

Just because it’s St. Patty’s Day doesn’t mean a morning pick-me-up should be neglected. It’s been a long weekend, and a cup of Joe is a Monday must. To keep with the holiday spirit, spike your coffee with a bit of whiskey, add a dash of sugar and top it off with some cream. Or add a healthy helping of Bailey’s Irish Cream.

2. Eat a big breakfast with your coffee.

St. Patty's Day

Photo by Alison Weisbrot

Nothing will ruin St. Patty’s more than getting sick, especially if it’s in class. Start off right and eat a hearty, filling breakfast. Making a loaf of Irish soda bread is probably out of the question, but corned beef hash or dyed green pancakes are easy to do and will keep you in the holiday spirit.

3. If you must drink, drink discreetly.

While we definitely don’t recommend drinking during a small class, there’s nothing wrong with drinking during a big lecture, right? Well maybe there is. Try to avoid this…but if you must, make sure you are drinking an alcohol that won’t smell too much (pro tip: no whiskey). Also, don’t make your drink too strong. A grimacing face after each sip of your OJ is sure to garner some attention.

4. Please please please, don’t get too drunk.

This probably goes without saying, but getting hammered in class isn’t the best idea. Be smart; no need to get reckless in the middle of a lecture. It would suck to be the one remembered as the complete drunk fool.
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Be safe and have fun this Saint Patty’s day, and be sure to check out the University’s scheduled food and activities as well.