I  look forward to leaving every break, not only for the break from classwork but also to go back to my hometown of St. Peters, MO, a suburb of St. Louis to enjoy some of the unique foods that the city has to offer. I knew I would miss Cardinal's baseball, but I didn't realize how lucky I was to live in a city of such original food until I went to college and realized everyone else has been missing out. Here is a list of my top 5 favorite foods I look forward to when coming back to my hometown and will definitely miss as winter break comes to an end.

1. Toasted Ravioli

cheese, chicken, sweet, pumpkin
Megan Suckut

After a month into college my freshman year, I started to miss these a lot. I asked some of my friends about them and turns out they had never tried them. I didn't realize these were a "St. Louis thing," but I hope for the sake of the rest of the world, they become more widespread for all to enjoy.

2. Cecil Whitaker Pizza

Although most refer to Imo's as the "St. Louis style pizza," I prefer Cecil whitaker's cheese to the standard provel on top of its super thin crust pizza that will have you reaching for much more than one slice.

3. Gooey Butter Cake

cream, toast, jam, honey, bread, butter, pastry, sweet, cake
Isabella Neuberg

I'll have to admit my mom makes this for me most of the time, so I could just make this myself in college, but this is one dessert treat that many of my out-of- state friends wish they had had in their lives before meeting me.

4. Fitz's Root Beer

Luckily, this local gem is starting to expand a little outside of the city, but Fitz's Root Beer produces my all time favorite sodas, coming from a girl that normally orders water everywhere she goes. They have their own restaurant located in the Delmar Loop where you can buy a huge root beer float with any of their flavors, and it is sure not to disappoint.

5. Fritz's Frozen Custard

There is nothing like the smoothness of frozen custard and St. Louis is the place of some of the greatest frozen custard that I've ever tasted. I grew up on Fritz's frozen custard, so I tend to prefer them, but some of my other St. Louisians also like the more infamous Ted Drewe's.