Every weekend you probably ask around to find out “what’s the move.”  It can be hard trying to decide what you want to do at night, and equally as hard to choose a place to eat. Here is comparative guide of nightlife options and dessert spots so you can figure out what the  f***  to do when your sweet tooth calls.

 1. The Cup = Three Kings


Photo courtesy of The Cup – CWE

The Cup serves some of the best cupcakes you will ever eat, and getting to the Central West End is not a huge commitment. You go with friends, have a great time, and never really regret it.


2. John’s Donuts = Talaynas


Photo courtesy of StudLife

Everyone loves John’s Donuts. It’s a little janky, sure, and maybe it’s not the kind of place you think to bring your parents. You only go very late, maybe even after other plans, and you will love yourself for it. You don’t really understand the decorations, but whatever – you roll with it.


 3. Jilly’s Cupcakes = Topshelf event at Harry’s


Photo courtesy of Paralyzed With Joy

Everyone has to get Jilly’s at least once. It’s almost like a right of passage. There is SO much hype around a Jilly’s cupcake – they did win Cupcake Wars that one time. It’s not like Jilly’s is bad. You’ll enjoy yourself, but if you’re being honest, you definitely spent more than you wanted to spend on a cupcake and it’s never as good or fancy as you expected it to be. You’ll probably end up just sticking to your normal choice, even after wandering in circles trying to do something new and different.


4. Dough to Door = Pepper


Photo courtesy of Dough to Door

Does this still exist anymore? Whatever happened? Dough to Door was talked about non-stop, but all of a sudden it’s totally off the grid.


 5.  Ted Drewes = Ballpark Village (BPV)


Photo courtesy of STL Ballpark Village

YOU’RE IN ST. LOUIS DAMMIT. Ted Drewes is a St. Louis staple. It feels like home – you are excited to go and feel like a real St. Louisian. Here, the locals and you are family. Ted Drewes does have a peak season; it’s only open during the late spring, summer, and early fall, right during the heart of baseball season. Ted Drewes is a pure middle American, downright patriotic dessert.


 6. Bailey’s Chocolate Bar = Mandarin


Photo courtesy of Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar gives off a classier vibe. It’s a sit down, candlelit restaurant, home to some of the most delicious desserts you will ever try. You’ll probably be a little more dressed up and a little less rowdy. Sadly, however, Bailey’s is out of the way, and you don’t really go that often. It probably could be more popular, but for some reason, people don’t think to go there.


7. Strange Donuts = Frat Basement


Photo courtesy of Strange Donuts

You never know what you’re going to find at Strange Donuts, but there will definitely be something that you weren’t prepared for. Some will be in costume, some will be totally plain, and others will be cool new takes on your favorites. You could have an unbelievable experience with Strange Donuts. Or you could pick wrong, and ending up just saying “meh.” People tend to love or hate Strange Donuts; it’s not that often people are indifferent. But whenever you go, you will always see that one donut where you really have to think “Do I ACTUALLY want to eat that… it’s blue…”


8. Wendy’s Drive-thru Frosty = Fusion


Photo courtesy of Travel Food Finds

It’s out of the way, pretty inconvenient, but when you are in the mood you absolutely have to go. People wouldn’t say Wendy’s is the best dessert place – it’s not fancy or out of the ordinary, but it hits the spot. Because of the location, you’re going to definitely find some people from outside the WashU bubble,and – like John’s Donuts – it’s a bit on the jankier side.  But, this is a good thing. Frostys can make for some of the most satisfying desserts of your life.


 9. YoMyGoodness = The Horny Goat


Photo courtesy of YoMyGoodness

You weren’t really sure what to think about YoMyGoodness. It took over a classic spot (RIP Chill and Coliseum). Your friends decided it was worth a shot, so you went to try it out. Others hesitantly declined. To be fair, the interior design is very fun. You go in and think “WOW THIS IS GOING TO ROCK”. But it fell a little flat. Give it some time to work out the kinks and it could end up being one of the best places around.


10. Bake Sales in the DUC = Duffy’s


Photo courtesy of Washington University in St. Louis

You know this can be option for you at least once a week, and you will enjoy it. You don’t need to worry about any part of the plan: it’s so close to you, it’s not going to be expensive, it’ll be going on for a while, and you will always be happy. If you are craving that cookie, you can get it.


11. Milkshakes in Paws n Go = I’m staying in to do my homework


Photo courtesy of the Daily Herald

We’ve all been there, and we feel for you.