Sriracha, the duly named "hipster" condiment, truly has a cult following. People buy the bottles in bulk, along with an assortment of memorabilia. Sriracha lovers are addicted and now they can feel at ease knowing this spicy bottle and other hot sauces may help them live longer.

Sriracha originated in Thailand, and is made by Huy Fong Foods. It's incredibly popular, with sales last year reaching up to $60 million dollars. Although the addictive sauce is inspiration to a lot of merchandise, the CEO, David Tran, has always cared more about the quality of the product. This sauce contains chili peppers, which are key to the delicious taste and is the fuel to the phenomenon.

The Study  

Ishaan Pathak

A study done at the University Of Vermont collected data from over 16,000 people, all of whom were over the age of 23. They found that the consumption of red hot chili peppers was associated with a 13% reduction in mortality, especially deaths connected to heart disease and strokes. This is due to a main chemical found in most of the spicy foods we consume. 

The main chemical that attributes to this reduction in mortality is capsaicin, which is what gives spicy foods that extra kick. This chemical has been found to lower blood cholesterol levels and even help to prevent dangerous blockages of blood flow. It can be found in spicy foods like cayenne pepper, jalapeños, and habanero chilis. Sriracha's addictive sauce contains the key ingredient of chili peppers, so maybe their loyal customers are on to something. 

So what does this mean? No, do NOT go chugging bottles of Tabasco and Sriracha. However, for those who were hesitant to add some spice to their meals, you now have an idea that these sauces could possibly result in a longer life. If your tastebuds can bare the heat, these hot sauces are worth the investment. Beyoncé had the right idea all along.