If you haven't already heard the buzz, you'll definitely want to pay attention here. Spritz Sparkling Tea is taking Columbus by storm with their delicious and thirst quenching sparkling teas. Spritz is vegan and keto with no sugar added AND has zero calories. After trying both flavors (peach green tea & hibiscus), it seems like I've been craving them every day. I had the opportunity to ask Spritz Sparkling Tea founder Kathryn Dougherty about the brand, where it started, etc. Here are her answers and my own feedback on the product. 

The Basics

Amelia Hitchens

Spritz Tea came sparkling its way into this world in 2016 in Kathryn Dougherty's kitchen! She found inspiration in the idea of a healthy drink alternative that still felt special and celebratory while she was training for her first IRONMAN competition. You know that moment when you're cheersing with your besties and the glasses make a "clink" sound? Yeah, she missed those moments.

Her and her friends often chose healthier options at dinner parties due to the training regimes and health goals. AKA, no alcohol. She began wondering if sparkling tea could fill that void she was experiencing in those social situations. Eventually, her dream became reality as Spritz Sparkling Tea became legally founded in 2017. Since then, Kathryn has blessed us with two amazing flavors and brought over 50,000 cans to the market. 

Kathryn’s Background

Kathryn is making huge strides in the world of non-alcoholic beverages and she has a very impressive resume to go along with her success. She holds an MBA from Drexel University and has over ten years of business and marketing at Johnson & Johnson. She is passionate about health, fitness, empowering women, and obviously, sparkling tea. 

Why Sparkling Tea? 

“I was looking for something that was good for me functionally - antioxidants and hydration, engaged more of my senses (color, smell), and as a bubbly water drinker, I really wanted to retain the texture of some carbonation on the palate.” Personally, I can confirm that the carbonation and flavor come together in a perfectly spritzy union in Spritz products. I recommend this for anyone who does crave that bubbly feeling, but is looking for a healthier option than champagne or other bubbly alcoholic beverages. 

Pairing Spritz Tea with Food

I love to sip on the peach green tea with a granola bar during my hour commute in the morning because the 30 mg of caffeine in this one gives me that extra spark to start my day. Kathryn has her own favorite pairings, too! She said, “I love the hibiscus in the evening, chilled with my dinner. The hibiscus gives this offering a sweet tartness that really helps accentuate the flavors in a savory dish. I also like the peach green tea with a sweet treat because it's a little earthier, so I think the two tastes balance each other out nicely.”

Where is the company headed?

Lucky for us Spritz Tea addicts, the company plans on adding three additional flavors seasonally in 2020 (insert heart eyes emoji here)! They are already making their way into Columbus grocery stores, and I am so excited to see where they go from here. Kathryn added, “I’d love to see us bringing the Spritz mission of health and empowerment outside the Midwest to other regions in the US! I believe there are a lot of consumers who want healthy beverages that make them feel their best!” I couldn't agree more! 

Just writing this article is making me wonder why I don't have a Spritz in my hand right now. I'll definitely need to fix that. For those of you who haven't tried Spritz Sparkling Tea yet, what are you waiting for? Charm your tastebuds with the delightful and bold flavors of Spritz and you'll never look at tea the same way again.