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You’re craving froyo yet again, but you’re not so sure that Sketch is going to do it for you this time. You’re in the mood for something different tonight. The question is: where to?

With the Foodspotting App, you’ll have no problem finding the answer. Simply whip your phone out, type in “frozen yogurt,” and judge which of the pictures in the results looks most appetizing. Adventurous foodies and everyday eaters alike will find this fun and interactive app a useful addition to their smartphone homescreens.

Instead of rating restaurants overall, Foodspotting allows users to rate individual dishes (each of which is accompanied by an Instagram-worthy pic) as well as search for dishes based on location, quality, type of cuisine, availability of reservations and/or delivery. There’s also a traditional setting to sort by location, but there is little reason to use it when the app offers so many other, more exciting categories.

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The app has numerous uses for the food-conscious smartphone owner. Let’s say for example that you have a friend who always seems to make the best culinary discoveries, and you want to try whatever killer dish he/she is currently raving about. If they have an account on Foodspotting, you can simply”follow” them to receive notifications when they post something new (Its not stalking if it’s for food, right?). Famous culinary figures such as Wolfgang Puck and food-related websites such as all have accounts for you to follow, although the likelihood that they’re posting about dishes in Princeton, NJ is relatively slim.

And this app isn’t just for Nassau Street: you can even use it for dishes in campus dining halls. The more people use the app to rate dishes in the dining halls, Witherspoon Café, the Frist Gallery, Studio 34, and even the eating clubs, the more useful it will be for a poor soul longing for a break from Wu/Wilcox paninis. The app is free and available for download on all iPhones and Androids. It is also on Instragram: #foodspotting.

By the way, if you enjoy Foodspotting, here are some other websites that may interest you:, Seamless, Every Day is a Food Holiday, and FoodNetwork on the Road.