Spoons are a close relative to the fork in the noble family of utensils… similar, but different. I’d like to argue, however, that if forks and spoons were real folk like you and me, they wouldn’t be real homies, but rather enemies. (Sort of like T-Swizzle and Kanye.)

Don’t get me wrong, they both get the job done, which is obviously getting food from point A (the plate) to point B (your mouth) — but the honest truth is that spoons are just superior when compared to forks. Prepare yourself for this culinary takedown.

1. The OG Utensil

The spoon has been around longer than the fork. They have stood the test of time since the Paleolithic era, aka the cavemen used them. Forks are actually a modified version that originated after the spoon. 

2. Versatility

You can essentially pick up anything with a spoon; hence, a larger variety of foods can physically be eaten with a spoon rather than with a fork. Because forks have prongs, this eliminates many types of foods that are appropriate for its use, like soup or yogurt. Let's just say you’re in for a messy challenge if you attempt that.

3. They come in all shapes and sizes

ladle, wine
Graham McIntosh

Big spoons, little spoons, teaspoons, tablespoons. It is funny to think that the classic wooden spoon is in the same family as the itty bitty teaspoon. For this reason, we use the different sized spoons for measuring while we bake/cook. So I suppose that also qualifies the spoon to be an actual tool that serves a purpose.

4. Stir it up

Clearly, the spoon is the best utensil to stir whatever needs stirring. When combining ingredients to bake a cake or just mixing sugar in your coffee or tea, naturally you reach for the spoon, not the fork.

5. Saying the word is way more fun

Saying “SPOOOON" is far more satisfying than saying, “fork.” I can’t really add much else to this explanation except for suggesting that you say the word aloud wherever you might be reading this right now.

6. You can scoop ice cream with it

I mean, duh. If you’ve ever scooped ice cream with a fork, I would likely question your sanity. Okay, maybe it could work but you wouldn’t get the same perfectly round scoop to top off a cone. TBH, we all scream for ice cream so this is a game changing reason as to why spoons rule and forks drool.

7. “Licking the spoon”

If you’ve ever baked something (anything) in your life, you’ve probably asked your baking partner, “Can I lick the spoon?” because sometimes a little cookie dough or brownie batter tastes way better before reaching the oven. I mean really, no one ever asks to lick the fork.

8. Games

Who hasn't played Spoons? I don't know about you but I have childhood memories of playing this mini-musical chairs game sitting around the dinner table. In addition to this favorite, this utensil is more suitable for a makeshift sling shot if you are one who's into playing with your food. 

9. Because "Salad Fingers" told ya so

Who remembers that 2007 youtube video "Salad Fingers?" Are you still traumatized by the strangeness of the video that went viral a few years back? Yeah, me too. But I will say that salad fingers was not wrong about having a wack fetish for spoons. If you think about it, there’s a reason why a video about spoons went viral instead of forks.

10. Because Spoon University, DUH

cake, sweet, tea
Caitie Veech

I mean, you knew this was coming, right? There's a reason why we aren't called Fork University, Spoons are the OG utensil just like all the OG Spooners out there (and no, I'm not referring to the super comfy cuddling position). So stop forking around, have you followed us on Instagram yet?

There ya go. Spoons really are better than forks — next question, please. If you trust the facts, you will understand why Spoons are way better than forks. These round-headed figures are killing the game everyday. We are not biased here on Spoon University; however, if you ever question what our morals are founded upon, it would be the common faith in spoons. #Neverforks.