What is "Spooning with"? Every other week, Spoon UBC collaborates with another student-run organization on campus to highlight the diversity and presence of other passionate food lovers. Because what's better than sharing our love for food than with our community? So, let's get spooning.  

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Athena Huynh

Last week, we were blessed to able to attend UBC Tea Club's DIY Herbal Tea event. From being able to mix your own blend of tea leaves and herbs, to decorating a take-home mason jar, the DIY event was a major success. 

We got to meet a few of the faces behind the Tea Club and sat down with them (for some spooning action) to get to know them a little bit better. 

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Athena Huynh

Spoon UBC: So, who are you and how are you involved with the UBC Tea Club?

Audrey: I'm Audrey, technically Co-President of Tea Club (the other Co-President is on co-op), so I'm the on-campus President of Tea Club.

Linnea: My name is Linnea Morgan and I am the co-social media manager and next term I will be taking over the VP role from Jessica as she is taking on the role of President.

Nicole: I’m Nicole Jang and I'm one of the co-media coordinators for Tea Club.

Jess: I’m Jess Spahl, the Vice President of the Tea Club.

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Athena Huynh

Spoon UBC: And what's your motivation behind being a part of the Tea Club?

Audrey: I really love tea and plants. I’m a botanist and I’m part of the biology department here [at UBC]. Plants are so interesting in how humans use them as crops, how we use them to cure sickness, or just to relax, and that’s a big motivation to why it’s a big hobby of mine. I’ve also worked at different tea shops, mainly Teavana, and just teaching people about tea and being in that low-stress environment is really important to me and I want to bring that with me wherever I go.

Linnea: I was in the Tea Club in my first year and I really loved a lot of the events they put on, and I really wanted to get more involved with Tea Club this year. I love organizing events and I love drinking tea, so it's honestly just so great to be on the executive (execs) team this year.

Nicole: I joined on a whim in my first year because my friend and I saw that the club was having an icebreaker event. At first, I wasn't sure how to feel about it, but after the event was over, I knew that this was going to be one of my favourite clubs. The relaxed atmosphere of the events and the people who attend them are what makes this club so great. Tea is something that is so diverse, that there is a flavor for everyone out there. And the fact that you can create bonds with other people over something so small is simply amazing.

Jess: I love how tea is part of almost everyone’s life. It doesn’t really matter where life has taken you, but you’ve probably had a moment where tea comforted you when you needed your soul warmed, or you shared it with a close friend on a beautiful day. In that sense, I would love to bring all levels of tea enthusiasts together, whichever way, to have a few moments with a simple warm beverage.

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Athena Huynh

Spoon UBC: So, what's the best moment you've had so far with the club?

Audrey: Honestly, every year we get some new execs, and my favourite part is meeting all the new executives because everyone has their own personality, and are very vibrant, and want to do different things, so it’s really exciting. What’re we going to do this year? What can we accomplish?

Linnea: Most definitely the DIY Herbal Tea Blending event – we put so much work into that event and to have it shape up into such a successful event in such a short period of time was so rewarding to see.

Nicole: The best moment I've had so far with the club was at our DIY Herbal Tea event. Everyone who attended was so excited about our event and it really gave me the chance to see everyone's individual personalities through their blends and the creative ways that they decorated their mason jars. We had such an overwhelming response from, not only the UBC community, but form people all over the Lower Mainland, which made me really step back in shock and joy.

Jess: My best moment, or moments, were during the club days. Club days is a blur for most, being during classes or just in filling the gaps of your day. Meeting tea lovers at the booth who had trekked all the way to the great hall to find us was just a hug for the soul.

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Athena Huynh

Spoon UBC: Lastly, if you had to name one tea flavor that best represented you, which one would it be?

Audrey: I would definitely say that I would be a Chai because Chai can be very pungent and punch you in the face and passionate. But [it] can also be a little more soothing and supportive, and I would like to think that I am also very passionate and supportive.

Linnea: I am very proud of my Swedish heritage and one of my favorite teas is a black tea with floral notes called Uppsalablanding (Uppsala Blend), and I like to believe I have somewhat of a floral personality.

Nicole: The tea flavor that best represents me would be Cream of Earl Grey. Like an Earl Grey and it's citrus flavors, I am quite a bright and optimistic individual. The creamy vanilla flavor that works so well with the taste of Earl Grey is what really helps to sum me up, because I am also warm and welcoming to everyone I meet.

Jess: I would say Sage. I’ve often had different herbal teas late into the night when I was ill, or killing time late into the night. Sage is just the perfect mix of earthly and sweet, when it’s mixed with a little honey.

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Athena Huynh

It was an absolute honor to be able to sit down and connect with fellow tea lovers on campus (as well as make a personalized tea blend and mason jar!). Be sure to follow the Tea Club on their Facebook page and send them some spoon love!