If you’re sweet-obsessed like we are then you were well aware of the fact that National Dessert Day was this past week. I mean, every day is National Dessert Day but okay that’s fine if you want to make it official and everything. Anyways, we decided to dedicate this week’s #SpoonFeed competition to this glorious holiday. So prepare yourself for the craziest sugar high of your life, follow us on Instagram, and live vicariously through all of these people.

So Dominique Ansel published his recipe for the cronut, but apparently it is really hard to do. But, this guy did it. So you go Arjiel, you go. And if y’all out there want to make your own cronuts, try our DIY cronuts. You won’t regret it.

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Wassup, cookie skillet. Have a cast-iron skillet like this but aren’t sure how to use it? Read this and you’re golden.

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Okay. Justin, the mastermind behind @dcfoodporn (yeah, we’re on a first name basis) just straight up wins at life. Everyone’s doing the peanut butter apple thing but then you go and dip it all in chocolate? Damn.

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Ooey gooey. Cinnamon rolls are probably the only context in which those words are a good thing.

I mean, don’t you think frosting should be mandatory for all monkey bread?

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We can see our reflection in this caramelized sugar bread pudding. And we like it.

Mirror, mirror on the wall. This candy apple is obviously the fairest of them all. Looking for other Fall foods to make? You won’t want to miss our Ultimate Fall Food Bible.

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We might send this to PETA it’s so cruel.

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Despite what you thought you knew, ice cream sandwiches are a year-round treat.

Well, this is a bit excessive. You probably can’t tell, but this is a donut with ice cream and a ton of toppings, thanks to NYC’s “Holey Cream.” Yes, we told you the name of the place so you could go so, vamoose.

Alright well enjoy your little sugar high while it lasts, but make sure you have your bed ready for when you inevitably crash from all the goodness. Think your sweets have what it takes but didn’t make the cut? Tag #SpoonFeed and we’ll be sure to find it. Oh, and follow us on Instagram, because we post stuff you wanna see.