At Spoon we are fully aware that sometimes literally nothing feels as good as biting into a warm bagel, slurping up some spaghetti, or praising the Gods of carbs when a bite of a freshly pressed grilled cheese hits your tongue. Because we’re feeling super starchy this week, our #SpoonFeed roundup is in honor of our best friend the carbohydrate. So enjoy these delectable pics but make sure to follow us on Instagram so you know just how many carbs we consume on a regular basis. It’s natural, we swear.

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French toast with granola on top because the toast itself wasn’t enough carbs.

Arjiel nails it: “Happiness is a bowl of beef bolognese ravioli with creamy marinara sauce and a generous sprinkling of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.” We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s a nice bougie breakfast of a fried egg, brie and jam sandwich. Pinkies up. Looking for a new warm sammy to brighten up your week? Check this out.

World, meet the Mexican Pizza. Everything Mexican you already love, but in pizza form. God Bless.

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Dear lord in heaven above that is some cheesy mac ‘n cheese. Can we just jump in there and swim around?

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Spicy noodles with crispy ground beef. We’ve been told this is ideal for hangovers so, take note.

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We’d like to slip in there and take a nap in between those flaky layers of biscuit. You know you’re looking for the next best biscuit recipe, so here it is. Just to let you know, it’s made with bacon fat. You’re welcome.

Move over chicken ‘n waffles. This is a waffle with BBQ pork shoulder, bacon crème fraîche and some chives. Pork > chicken.

Bread bowls aren’t just for soup anymore, y’all. This stage of the game is gorgeous, but wait until you see what these babies look like after they get out of the oven. Mmmm.

The donut might be the star of the show but pay attention to that little sneak peek of fried chicken to the right. Best combo ever.

Damn, that was great. Before we peace out to go buy a dozen bagels, make sure you follow us on Instagram. You won’t regret it.