Some say fruit is nature’s candy. But we say, why not take nature’s candy and turn it into real candy? This week’s #SpoonFeed photos were healthy in theory, but sinful in reality and we were all about it. Now you’ve got breakfast covered for the week…just don’t tell mom.

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Can’t go wrong with lemon curd, fresh blueberries and a healthy serving of homemade whipped cream.

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We’d be lying if we said we’ve never eaten cake for breakfast.

Fancify your panini with some fresh strawberries.

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Sarah had us drooling all over the keyboard with these lemon poppyseed donuts.

Banana and Nutella is one thing, but banana, BACON and Nutella? Dear lord.

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And the fanciest quesadilla ever award goes to this Swiss, ricotta and pear quesadilla topped with honey and fig balsamic reduction. Try and recreate this fancy quesadilla with our own take on it.

We’re just telling ourselves these yogurt dipped strawberries are healthier than the chocolate-covered traditional.

A bagel is clearly the most superior of all PB&J vessels.

No stack of pancakes is complete without a dusting of powdered sugar and a healthy dosage of maple syrup.

Strawberries with strawberry sauce, because one strawberry was not enough.

If these pictures weren’t a sign from above then we don’t know what it was. Make sure to follow us on Instagram if this wasn’t enough inspiration to consume your suggested daily dose of fruit.