The first person who took a picture of food in front of some cool scenery was literally a genius and trendsetter. “Food in the Air” is debatably one of the coolest photo trends and even has its own hashtag and account devoted to it on Instagram. We saw some pretty cool pics of food in the air in this week’s #SpoonFeed so we decided to have a little FITA action of our own. Get ready to be super jealous of the backdrops of these peoples lives.

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Nothing like a well-crafted sandwich to brighten your day. Live in a dorm but want to make a super awesome meal like this? Here’s how to switch up your dining hall sandwich.

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We’re envious of people who live in a place where lobster rolls are a year-round food.

No big deal, just casually enjoying a glass of wine with friends while looking out onto some beautiful Italian scenery.

This Snickers bar donut is making us reminiscent of Fall.

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The dude behind @peepmysneaks seriously knows how to make a sandwich. Want to attempt to make a breakfast sandwich as cool as this one? Here’s how to do it.

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This one is leaving us speechless.

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Apparently this was the product of a DIY Hello Kitty Sushi Kit. Pure genius.

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We bet that pistachio eclair was worth the wait.

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We always ponder life sitting by the Hudson with a gold-specked macaron in our hands.

Well that was really cool. New goals in life: eat better food and go to cooler places. Follow us on Instagram to see if we follow through…