Breakfast is the most versatile meal of the day and is loved by many who look to justify eating sweets first thing in the morning. But the reality is, there are some people out there who insist breakfast is a savory meal. We try to stay neutral during food debates like this so we thought we’d let you all decide. Take a look at the winning #SpoonFeed photos below, maybe follow us on Instagram to get a frame of reference (we LOVE breakfast), and try to pick a side, if you dare.

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It’s really hard to argue with a classic, beautiful everything bagel with cream cheese.

Breakfast pizza with eggs and bacon? Damn, y’all are making this really difficult. Looking to spice up your breakfast? Here’s some other unusual breakfast foods you’ve got to try.

Spice up your breakfast sandwich with smoked ham, brie, and sriracha mayo.

This bagel sandwich with runny yolk and avocado is a breakfasters paradise.

This is an avocado latke breakfast taco. Seriously, Amy behind @whatjewwannaeat can do anything with a latke.

Or you could sprinkle some pomegranate seeds on your avo toast and get the best of both worlds. Looking for something a little fancier than avocado toast? Here are a bunch of artisanal toast ideas to get you started.

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This pretty pink sprinkle donut makes our heart swoon.

Crepes, making powdered sugar acceptable for breakfast one strawberry and lemon glazed fancy pancake at a time.

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We’d take a trip to La-La-Land just for these gorgeous, deceivingly delicious Fonuts.

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Our pancakes always roll six deep, yo. Here’s a couple variations on pancakes you should try for tomorrow’s breakfast.

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Donuts fried to a perfect golden brown are our Kryponite.

So, Spoonies, did this little roundup provide you with some clarity on which side you stand by? If so, we’re jealous, because after seeing so much deliciousness regardless of flavor profile, we’re more confused than ever before. What can we say, we appreciate all beautiful food. Follow us on Instagram and you’ll know.