It’s that time of year again. You know, that week or two where you’re stuck studying until the wee hours of the night while your library delusions torture you with visions of the holidays.

Trust us, we’ve been there, and we can solemnly say your friends are here for you. And by friends we of course mean comfort foods like pizza, donuts, ice cream…heck, even just straight up cheese.

So take a study break, make sure to follow us on Instagram, and try not to drool over your textbooks.

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Add Italian meats soppressatta and spicy capicola to your study list.

Even the donuts taunt you with visions of Christmas future.

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Start your morning off with some cereal milk. It’s just cereal and milk, right?

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Procrastinate by making your own homemade tortilla pizza. Did you know tortilla pizza is much healthier for you? Check out our recipe here.

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Get up close and personal with this donut. It deserves some attention.

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That golden-brown crust gets an A+ in our book.

Or just skip the dough and go straight for the cheese. Looking to branch out on your cheese selection but aren’t sure where to start? Here’s your Cheese 101.

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Take some time off from the books and create your own sweet concoction like these Blonde Slutty Brownies make with sugar cookies, birthday cake Oreos, and Funfetti white chocolate brownies.

We’re jealous our Spoon friends at Georgetown University got visited by the Swizz Mobile.

You know, just a quick pre-libs donut.

Portable cake: every student’s dream.

Alright, kids. We hope this roundup gave you some sufficient brain rest. Kick ass on finals but don’t forget to take time to nourish yourselves along the way. And not to be a bad influence, but remember to follow us on Instagram…you know, for future study breaks.