If there was one overwhelming trend in the #SpoonFeed photos this week it would be how damn gorgeous they were. Whether the light was catching something in just the right way or the colors on the plate were super vibrant or the food just looked so delicious we wanted to cry, you all were creating some serious masterpieces. So put on your beret, follow us on Instagram, and let’s take a trip to the most salivating art museum you’ve ever seen.

You best have licked that chocolate off your thumb after this shot. It’s blasphemy to waste chocolate.

It’s like the drizzle on the bottom is giving that egg yolk a beautiful, touching embrace. Looking to make the perfect fried egg? This is hands down the best way to do it.

The freshest of pasta and the freshest of clams. This girl knows how to eat.

Lox of Love.

We don’t care what you think, Rice Burger, the Ramen Burger is still one of the best creations of all time.

Seriously speechless about this one. How, just…how?

Frittata frittata frittata fri-ta-ta-ta-ta tata…now we know what Lil’ Wayne was rapping about. Want to be as awesome as Izzy and make your own frittata? Definitely check out this recipe.

Look at all of those beautiful colors! See what we mean by art?

“The only thing that will make a souffle fall is if it knows you’re afraid of it.” -James Beard

The perfect mid-drizzle shot.

The best thing to do to make anything taste better is slather it with cheese.

Well, that’s a wrap. Have you teared up from the beauty yet? Make sure to follow us on Instagram to keep up with some food porn of our own, and always always tag #SpoonFeed on all your tasty pics. We like to keep track of what everyone’s eating. Not in a creepy way. It’s out of love.