It's second semester and the start of the coldest time of year in Chicago. Your free time seems endless in the beginning of the semester due to early, light homework loads and a lack of resolve to go outside. Help yourself feel productive during this hibernation weather, by joining Spoon. Join us at LUC Spoon for a chance to be involved while still having fun, staying warm, and maintaining your free time. We're looking for food lovers, writers, photographers, videographers, marketers, event planners, social media experts, and people who eat.

At Spoon, we offer you an opportunity to join a group that focuses on everyone's favorite thing: food. Show your parents that you've done more this year beside Netflix and chilling or becoming a 63 regular. Here are the top 7 reasons you should join LUC Spoon in 2017. 

beer, wine
andrew Mackenzie

1. Be the most knowledgable foodie on campus.

We don't doubt that you already know your stuff. However, being on Spoon will expose you to new, cool and delicious restaurants through your LUC Spoon peers and the whole Spoon community. Plus, our partnerships will give you first-hand knowledge about cool food perks for Ramblers before they happen.

2. #Instafame

We all judge someone by their internet presence (and follower ratio) before we meet them. With over 1,550 followers on our Instagram and over 302,000 on the official Spoon Instagram, we'll help you learn how to maximize your social media use, while giving you a little recognition, too. 

3. Build your resume just by eating.

These days you need real world experience to get the internship that will get you a job. Spoon allows you an opportunity to practice professional skills in your field of study such as journalism, marketing, public relations and photography. You can combine resume-worthy skills with eating your way around the city.

4. Can you say Spoon Swag?

Add more Spoon to your life with Spoon swag. Our members have an abundance of the beloved Spoon stickers along with matching "Wanna Spoon?" shirts. However, you can even get Spoon Swell water bottles, quarter-zips, food-themed shirts, and shot glasses, just to name a few.  

5. Connections

Life's all about who you know. With national conferences like Brainfood, you will not only get to meet Spoon members just like you, but industry insiders with valuable advice and connections. Start your networking over food by getting to know people with similar interests and goals as you.

6. You have an excuse to explore Chicago 24/7.

You're living in one of the greatest cities in the country. The best way to be in-the-know is to take advantage of all that Chicago has to offer (including Wrigley Field, the home of the World Champion Cubs.) Whenever you feel bad about putting aside work to go explore downtown, remind yourself that it's valuable Spoon research.

7. You are a real foodie.

You're the kind of person who would rather get late night Velvet Taco than Taco Bell or will make your friend wait to eat their food until you take picture of it. People contact you when they need a new place to eat or want to bring their parents to the best restaurant in Chicago. Whether you're skipping dining hall meals to go grab food downtown or bringing your own snacks to the IC in place of the cafe's options, everyone knows you are satisfied with nothing but the best. Maybe one day someone will stare at you the way you stare at food, but let's be honest, food is your one true love. 

To apply, visit and click on “Join?” You can also reach out to Loyola’s leadership team by emailing Rush Spoon 2017.