Do you love food? Of course you do, who doesn't? At the University of North Florida, we have a Spoon University chapter where Ospreys can meet fellow foodies and create food-related content.

But first, what is Spoon University?

Spoon University is a food website created by foodies, for foodies. We create content about anything related to food, and we share it for everyone to see. Spoon University also includes Healthier, which is a segment focusing on anything about living a healthy lifestyle. 

Now that you know what we are a part of, here are some reasons why you should join Spoon University at UNF.

Learn a New Skill

You will have the opportunity to create and distribute food-related content. There are training modules that will teach you everything you need to know. You can learn how to write articles, shoot and edit video, plan events, distribute, etc. If you have questions, Spoon HQ is there to help.

Or Build on Skills You've Already Got

Written for a high school paper? Already taking photos of your food? Spoon University allows you to pick old skills up again and  build on the skills you already have.

Beyond Local

Spoon HQ is based in New York, and they are there to help. For certain articles and videos, they will give you suggestions for you to edit and make your work the best it can be before it's published. Sometimes they take content from different chapters and distribute it directly from their Spoon HQ page. They've even taken an article from our chapter on how to make scrambled eggs. 

An Excuse to Try Something New

As you go out to create content, you will have the opportunity to try new things. Whether it is doing something you've never done before like making a video or writing an article, to eating something you've never tried before in your life. Spoon University gives you the opportunity to try new, exciting things and write about your experience.

Meet Other Foodies

Anyone and everyone is welcome. All you have to do is love food, and want to talk about it. We encourage students from all majors to join our chapter.

Experience/Resume Builder

You will gain valuable experience as a writer, videographer, photographer or marketer. You can put this experience on your resume for future employers to see what you've done because what you do here at Spoon is legitimate. You create and distribute content that has the potential to reach thousands of people, and you will want your future boss to know that. 

I want to join! What's next?

First, you need to fill out this application for Spoon University and specify UNF as your school. This application gives us an idea of who you are and what you want to do. You will then receive an e-mail to sign up through Secret Sauce. This website has everything you need from your training modules to where you write and publish your content. You do have to pay a one time fee of $15 for access to Secret Sauce, but it will be the best $15 you ever spend. Then, you will become a part of the best foodie community on campus.