With Spoon University growing so fast, it's hard to keep track of all the new chapters popping up across the world. Personally, I love to look at the local foods that students at different Colleges and Universities eat every day. 

Here is a roundup of all the Spoon University chapter Instagrams, so you can pick and choose your favorites to follow. I even got help from Spoon Members at each chapter to give you an idea of what you'll find on their Instagram. 

Adelphi University: @spoon_adelphi

American University: @spoon_au

What we have always done is give our members the chance to run the Instagram feed themselves. Someone signs up for a week long take-over slot and they post whatever they want. We are really trying to showcase local accounts and smaller businesses, as well as repost pictures from students that use our hashtag. (Madelyn Bucher, Photo Director)

Amity University: @spoon_amity

Amsterdam University College: @spoon_amsterdam

Appalachian State University: @spoon_appstate

Auburn University: @spoon_auburn

Baruch College: @spoon_baruch

Bentley University: @spoon_bentley

Boise State University: @spoon_boisestate

Boston College: @spoon_bc

Boston University: @spoon_boston

Bowdoin College: @spoon_bowdoin

Brown University: @spoon_brown

Bryant University: @spoon_bulldogs

Bucknell University: @spoon_bucknell

CSU Chico: @spoon_csuchico

CU Boulder: @spoon_cuboulder

CUNY Macaulay Honors College: @spoon_macaulay

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo: @spoon_calpoly

Calgary: @spoon_calgary

Carleton University: @spoon_carleton

Case Western Reserve University: @spoon_cwru

Catholic University of America: @spoon_cua

Chapman University: @spoon_chapman

Clemson University: @spoon_clemson

Colby College: @spoon_colby

Colgate University: @spoon_colgate

College of Charleston: @spoon_cofc

College of William and Mary: @spoon_wandm

We have a lot of quaint and acclaimed dining areas, but we love posting pics from the DC/ Maryland area and wherever we're traveling, too. We try to post healthy, local, or homemade photos as much as possible. (Greta Dylus)

College of the Holy Cross: @spoon_holycross

Colleges of the Fenway: @spoon_fenway

Colorado College: @spoon_cc

Columbia University: @spoon_columbia

Cooper Union: @spoon_cooper

Our Instagram features food from local hotspots and hidden gems in NYC, mainly focused on LES. Since a lot people from our chapter are from NYC, the places we visit are cheap, delicious, and tourist-free! And we have some fun/quirky captions for our posts. (Helen Ho, Marketing Director)

Cornell University: @spoon_cornell

Dalhousie University: @spoon_dal

DePaul University: @spoon_depaul

Denison University: @spoon_denison

Drake University: @spoon_drake

Drexel University: @spoon_drexel

Duke University: @spoon_duke

Elon University: @spoon_elon

Emerson College: @spoon_emerson

Emory University: @spoon_emory

Fairfield University: @spoon_fairfield

Our Insta was one of the largest growing out of the Spoon chapters, so that's pretty awesome! We are well-known around campus for the go-to food places in Fairfield County. Our fave spots around campus are Organika, Firehouse Deli, Flipside, Colony, Brick and Wood. (Lindsay Demunno, Editing Director)

Fashion Institute of Technology: @spoon_fit

Florida Atlantic University: @spoon_fau

Florida State University: @spoon_fsu

Fordham University: @spoon_fordham

Franklin and Marshall: @spoon_fandm

George Mason University: @spoon_gmu

George Washington University: @spoon_gw

Georgetown University: @spoon_gu

Georgia Tech: @spoonuniversity_gatech

Grand Valley State University: @spoon_grandvalley

Hamilton College: @spoon_hamilton

Our chapter posts food that is homemade, from restaurants around Hamilton, and from places we have traveled to. Some of our favorite local spots around Hamilton include: Nola's Restaurant, Peter's Cornucopia, Cafe Opus, and Grapevine. (Timary, Marketing Director)

Harvard University: @spoon_harvard

Haverford College: @spoon_haverford

High School: @spoonhighschool

Hobart and William Smith Colleges: @spoon_hws

Hofstra University: @spoon_hofstra

Hunter College: @spoon_hunter

Indiana University: @spoon_iu

Ithaca College: @spoon_ithaca

James Madison University: @spoon_jmu

Johns Hopkins University: @spoon_hopkins

We try to use pictures taken by our photographers and post daily on Instagram. While we tend to publish posts on restaurants in the Baltimore/DC area, we do occasionally feature other food photographs. When you worry that there's nothing to do in Baltimore, we have you covered. (Chloe He, Photographer)

Johnson and Wales University: @spoon_jwuprov

Kansas State University: @spoon_kstate

Our chapter loves to try new things whether that be food, fun games to help interact with our followers, or facts to engage conversations. Coffee drinks are a big thing for our page. We love to highlight the best coffee places in our town, such as: Radina's coffeehouse, Bluestem Bistro, and Arrow Coffee. (Tarra Rotstein, Social Media Manager)

King's College London: @spoon_kcl

We post pictures and short recipes of what we're eating! There's always quick snack ideas that are easy to make. (Hannah Allaway, Editorial Director)

Lafayette College: @spoon_lafayette

Louisiana State University: @spoon_lsu

Loyola Marymount University: @spoon_lmula

Our chapter posts local LA restaurants that expose our followers to new places to get affordable, fun, and unique cuisine. Our account has everything they need to experience the amazing food culture of Los Angeles since we are centrally located. (Anna Roccucci, Editorial Director)

Loyola University Chicago: @spoon_loyolachicago

Our chapter focuses more on photogenic/indulgent foods. Some of our favorite local spots are: Lyfe Kitchen, Sol Cafe, Velvet Taco, Rockit, and Public House. Follow to find out the best and most fun food in Chicago, and check out fun homemade baked goods. (Jordan Helms, Editorial Director)

Loyola University Maryland: @spoon_loyola

Manhattan College: @spoon_manhattan

Marist College: @spoon_marist

Marymount Manhattan College: @spoon_mmc

McGill University: @spoon_mcgill

Miami of Ohio: @spoon_miamiu

Michigan State University: @spoon_msu

We use a combination of pictures from restaurants in East Lansing, where our school is, Michigan and also other places. Some of our favorite places to go at school are Hopcat, which is a beer and burger kind of place, Sansu Sushi, and our schools dairy store. (Laura McMann, Social Media Manager)

Montclair State University: @spoon_montclair

Our Instagram is all things food, mostly local in the Montclair area and NYC! Since we're a commuter school, we typically showcase pictures of places we have been to. If we can make it to these places, then our followers can as well. (Soha Rahimi, Marketing Director)

Muhlenberg College: @spoon_muhlenberg

New York University: @spoon_nyu

We're based right in NYC, where all of the yummiest foods and craziest trends happen first. In a city that's even called The Big Apple, we are so passionate about finding the best eats and sharing them so others can enjoy them as well. (Ally Tringali, Photo Director)

North Carolina State University: @spoon_ncsu

Northeastern University: @spoon_northeastern

Northwestern University: @spoon_nu

We post photos of eats around our campus (Evanston and Chicago). Some favorite spots are DB3 Donuts, Andy's, and Cheesie's. Our aesthetic is bright and colorful, with balance between junk food and healthier treats, so everyone will find something they enjoy. (Jeanne Paulino, Writer)

Notre Dame: @spoon_unotredame

Our chapter's goal is to bring the Notre Dame and South Bend communities together over food. We want students to realize all that South Bend has to offer. We feature our favorite local restaurants along with good eats from students' travels. (Danielle Pasalich, Editorial Director)

Ohio State University: @spoon_osu

Ohio University: @spoon_ohiou

Ole Miss: @spoon_olemiss

We post pictures of food and drinks that are from local places in Oxford, focusing on places not many people have heard of, like little hole in the walls, and lots of newer places that are just launching. During breaks we do #spoontravels and we post pictures from all over! (Rose Lesko)

Oregon State University: @spoon_oregonstate

Pace University: @spoon_pace

Pace Westchester: @spoon_pacewestchester

Penn State University: @spoon_psu

Pepperdine University: @spoon_pepp

Princeton: @spoon_princeton

Purdue University: @spoon_purdue

Queen’s University: @spoon_queensu

Rollins College: @spoon_rollins

Rutgers University: @spoon_rutgers

Ryerson University: @spoon_ryerson

SUNY Binghamton: @spoon_bing

SUNY New Paltz: @spoon_newpaltz

San Diego State University: @spoon_sdsu

Santa Clara University: @spoon_scu

Sewanee: @spoon_sewanee

We post a diverse variety of yummy looking food and drinks that people have on campus as well as in their hometowns. We also use our page to show the food related social events we host on campus! (Abigail Shipps, Editorial Director)

Skidmore College: @spoon_skidmore

Southern Methodist University: @spoon_smu

Spoon HQ: @spoonuniversity

St. Francis Xavier University: @spoon_stfx

St. John’s University: @spoon_stjohns

St. Joseph’s University: @spoon_sju

St. Lawrence University: @spoon_stlawu

St. Louis University: @spoon_slu

We post all the food St. Louis college kids need to check out, ranging from Southern’s fried chicken and Bogart’s BBQ to trendy calzones from Sauce on the Side. We showcase our chapter’s Spoon members with a weekly “What We Eat Wednesday” Insta story. (Madeline Nathe)

St. Mary’s College: @spoon_smc

Stanford University: @spoon_stanford

Syracuse University: @spoon_cuse

Temple University: @spoon_templeu

Texas A&M: @spoon_tamu

Texas Christian University: @spoon_tcu

Texas Tech University: @spoon_ttu

Trinity College: @spoon_trinity

Tufts University: @spoon_tufts

Tulane: @spoon_tulane

New orleans has some of the most interesting, unique food cultures in all of America, and you’re always thinking about your next meal. We post a really wide variety of posts– college student classics like Satsuma and Ba Chi, tourist classics like Cafe Du Monde and GW Fin’s, but also new, more modern food spots like Shaya, St. Roch Market, and Poke Loa. (Callie Carlson)

UNC Chapel Hill: @spoon_unc

UNC Wilmington: @spoon_uncw

We post highlights of local foods and restaurants and we try to do traveling posts too! For breaks and stuff! (Lena Moriarty, Editing Director)

Union College: @spoon_union

University of Alabama: @spoon_bama

Bama's Instagram is nearly picture-perfect. No matter the subject of the post, from brunch to BBQ to ice cream, everything looks appetizing. They're such pro's, they even wrote an article with tips for taking your foodstagram to the next level, which they follow on their own chapter Instagram. 

University of Arizona: @spoon_arizona

University of Arkansas: @spoon_arkansas

UCLA: @spoon_ucla

We post original pictures from our photography team and sometimes repost other local foodies who tag us. We know all best eats on the LA food scene (and all the basic spots in LA that everyone hits up for aesthetic pictures!) Some of our fav local spots around the LA area are Urth Cafe, Diddy Riese Cookies, Butcher's Daughter, Blu Jam Cafe, and a bunch of poke places! (Anna Yang, Social Media Manager)

UC Irvine: @spoon_uci

UC Riverside: @spoon_ucr

UC Santa Barbara: @spoon_ucsb

UC Davis: @spoon_ucd

UC San Diego: @spoon_ucsd

University of Canberra: @spoon_canberra

University of Central Florida: @spoon_centralflorida

University of Chicago: @spoon_uchicago

University of Cincinnati: @spoon_uc

University of Connecticut: @spoon_uconn

We post a lot of amazing food pictures ranging from our local favorites like Blaze Pizza to international dishes. We always post for any food-related holidays and we let our members take over whenever they're abroad. (Daniela Doncel, Writer)

University of Delaware: @spoon_ud

University of Delhi: @spoon_du

University of Denver: @spoon_denver

University of Edinburgh: @spoon_ed

University of Florida: @spoon_uf

University of Georgia: @spoon_uga

University of Guelph: @spoon_guelph

Our chapter posts pictures of food that people make at home, food from local areas, as well as posts from nearby major cities. Some favorite local spots for our chapter are The Brass Taps, With the Grain, Eggcetra and Earth to Table Bread Bar. (Hana Baig)

University of Hawaii Manoa: @spoon_hawaii

University of Houston: @spoon_uh

University of Illinois: @spoon_uiuc

University of Iowa: @spoon_iowa

Our posts mostly cover local Iowa city restaurants and cafes. One perk our team has is that Iowa is right in the Midwest but we have members on the team stretching from CA to NY. We give our followers a coast to coast food experience with everything in between! (Emily Weaver, Marketing Director)

University of Kansas: @spoon_kansas

University of Maryland: @spoon_umd

University of Massachusetts: @spoon_umass

University of Melbourne: @spoon_unimelb

University of Miami: @spoon_umiami

University of Michigan: @spoon_michigan

University of Minnesota Twin Cities: @spoon_umn

We always keep them up to date about national food days, like national donut day, so they never miss an opportunity to see their favorite foods! Also, we share our adventures with food so people can live vicariously! (Lauren Pahmeier, Editorial Director)

University of Missouri: @spoon_mizzou

University of New Hampshire: @spoon_unh

University of New Mexico: @spoon_unm

University of North Florida: @spoon_unf

University of Oregon: @spoon_uoregon

Our Insta has lots of cute breakfast places and the latest holes in the wall. Eugene is such an easy-going, casual place, and the restaurants reflect that. The most popular places in town are Taylor's, Pegasus Pizza, Glenwood, The Vintage, Ta Ra Rin, Oregon Electric Station, and Beppe & Gianni's. We also have a street fair with TONS of great food. (Isabel Burton, Writer)

University of Oxford: @spoon_oxford

University of Pennsylvania: @spoon_upenn

University of Pittsburgh: @spoon_pitt

University of Puget Sound: @spoon_ups

We love to post pictures of great coffee from the Seattle-area, fresh seafood from Tacoma, and document all our food adventures. We're a laid back group who love cozy eats on a rainy day. (Emma Brant, Social Media Manager)

University of Richmond: @spoon_richmond

University of San Diego: @spoon_usd

University of Saskatchewan: @spoon_usask

We post our favorite local eateries along with homemade creations from our members. We update our followers daily with recent chapter adventures and our favorite restaurants around the city. (Jillian Rogers, Editorial Director)

University of South Carolina: @spoon_sc

University of South Florida St. Petersburg: @spoon_usfsp

University of Southern California: @spoon_usc

University of St. Andrews: @spoon_standrews

University of Texas: @spoon_texas

University of Toronto: @spoon_uoft

University of Vermont: @spoon_vermont

We post a mix of things we've made ourselves, food from local restaurants, food from our hometowns, and food from our travels. Some of our favorite local spots are Gaku Ramen, Waterworks, and Ben and Jerry's of course. (Jennifer Nigro, Editing Director)

University of Virginia: @spoon_virginia

University of Washington: @spoon_uw

University of Wisconsin Madison: @spoon_wisco

University of the Arts London: @spoon_ual

Vanderbilt University: @spoon_vandy

We're a roundup of all the best places to eat in Nashville. While we do cover dining halls on Vanderbilt's campus (some of which are open to the public, like Grins Vegetarian Cafe) we mainly focus on trendy places to eat and the best food around. (Austi Critchfield, Marketing Director)

Villanova University: @spoon_villanova

Virginia Tech: @spoon_vt

Wake Forest University: @spoon_wfu

Washington University in St. Louis: @spoon_washu

Wellesley College: @spoon_wellesley

Wesleyan University: @spoon_wes

West Chester University: @spoon_wcu

Western Kentucky University: @spoon_wku

Western University: @spoon_western

Wilfrid Laurier University: @spoon_laurier

Yale University: @spoon_yale

Everyone in the chapter contributes to the Insta, and we post anything from our favorite restaurants back home to the best New Haven spots. Some of the most popular spots are Sally's Apizza, Arethusa Dairy Ice Cream, and Sushi on Chapel. (Marissa Medici)

Spoon is growing faster than ever, so I'm sure that as soon as this article is published, there will be more new chapter Instagrams to explore. At least now you have somewhere to start.