Last year I polled the UConn chapter to see what everyone's favorite fall foods were. This year I asked our foodie team to which Halloween candies they like the best. 

Reese's - Sahara Shrestha (Marketing Director), Tarajya Ramos, Maddie Schrijn, and Kaitie Fiore (Writers)

cake, cream, sweet, butter, peanut, candy, peanut butter, chocolate
Laura Palladino

Reese's are the best candy for any time of year, but the holiday shaped ones are the best. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is better in the holiday Reese's and they taste even more delicious when it's in the shape of a pumpkin.

Gummy Bears - Dana Kringel (Writer and Editorial Director)

jelly, bonbons, goody, sweetmeat, sweet, gelatin, candy
Jaryl Cabuco

Gummies are a very universal candy; there's a type of gummy that fits any candy preferences. If you're more of a chocolate person you can buy chocolate covered gummies or to spice up your typical Halloween pre-grame, try making one of these alcohol gummy recipes

Candy Corn - Amy Wilichowski (Writer)

Allie Hicks

Candy corn are an essential Halloween candy. Even if you don't like them plain, you can eat them in so many different ways. I recently made a pumpkin spice chex mix with them and they were the perfect addition to a fall treat.

Pillsbury Sugar Cookies - Cara Waterman (Photographer) and Bryan Kirby (Writer)

Ethan Cappello

The UConn chapter of Spoon came to the consensus that these cookies have so much sugar in them, they should be considered candy. Whether you're eating the dough or baking the cookies, there's no wrong way to eat these. To score extra points with your friends, bake these for your Halloweekend festivities. 

Midnight Milky Ways - Ashley Anglisano (Writer)

Jocelyn Hsu

Ashley is on to something here with the Midnight Milky Ways. Spoon polled college students and 47% said they like dark chocolate the best. The combination of dark chocolate and caramel is perfect for anyone who loves sweet and salty together.

These are just a few of Spoon UConn's favorite Halloween candies. Whether you like to eat your candy plain, make it into delicious treats, or pair it with your favorite drink, there is a perfect Halloween candy out there for everyone.