In case you’re living under a rock and don’t know what Tastemade is, it’s a food and travel video network built for the mobile generation. The company is aimed at reaching people via smartphones and other mobile devices by making sure their content is easily accessed on-the-go.

And incase you’re seriously confused and living on another planet and don’t know what Spoon is (ahem you’re on it right now), it’s basically the same thing as Tastemade but geared towards the millennial college generation.

For both platforms, there’s no better way to get the message across than Snapchat. Snapchat’s relatively new discover feature allows Tastemade to upload daily stories filled with tons of different recipes and videos. The videos are either super short one-minute overviews up to videos as long as five minutes. And on many days, Tastemade even features Spoon vids, or even lets them take over the Snapchat entirely!

These short videos are perfect for the everyday foodie on the run. Not everyone, especially us college kids, has time to sit and extensively research new food trends and fun, tasty recipes. Tastemade and Spoon hand them to us on a silver platter.

There’s something for everyone in the daily Snapchat vids. From vegan to Asian to decadent sweets and simple treats, Tastemade compiles the most creative recipes to keep you in the loop. The Spoon snapchat (@SpoonTV go give us a follow if you know what’s good) does the same, however in a more casual and fun way.


Photo courtesy of @tastemade on Instagram

Not to mention, a daily dose of Tastemade and Spoon are, without a doubt, the best possible procrastination tool. Watch their videos when you’re sitting in class or zoning out in the library to keep you from studying. I have been watching the Tastemade and Spoon stories practically everyday since it started. It’s given me roughly 30-40 minutes daily of procrastination and a ravenous hunger afterwards.

Not too much into food and recipe videos? That’s fine, Tastemade and Spoon have it all. Keep up with Spoon and see what HQ has got in store for you on their snapchat. Or tune into Tastemade everyday to see their videos about lifestyle — like their “Do Before You Die” videos, where they talk about breathtaking places and activities around the world.


Photo courtesy of @tastemade on Instagram

Tastemade also regularly feature “Cookie the News” videos, where they make a cookie and decorate it based on a recent world event or news story. If you don’t know, there are few things more satisfying than watching a cookie being perfectly decorated by a professional.

And if you want even more Spoon rather than the snapchat, go like us on Facebook to get food videos on your newsfeed everyday. These videos, made by college students themselves, are fun and easy recipes that you can do in your own dorm or apartment, making it a much more suitable platform for us. You no longer need to suffer through the dining hall, cheap take out, or expensive meals, instead just tune into Spoon to see how you can make your stomach happier.

My favorite video that Tastemade films is their “Tiny Kitchen” series. These videos involve making regular foods but in the tiniest way possible. It’s incredibly addicting.

Both of these platforms put together are starting a food revolution. You no longer need to spend hours learning about food to speak knowledgeably about it. If you can keep up with Tastemade and Spoon, you could live a healthier, more food conscious lifestyle where you know exactly what you’re putting in your body. There has never been a generation more food conscious than now, and this change for the better is being propelled by Spoon and Tastemade.

So don’t just stand on the sidelines, go and follow us and Tastemade to see exactly what everyones raving about. I guarantee that you will be hooked, just like the other 88+ million monthly viewers.