Last Friday in Sargent was unlike any other. If the massive Spoon sign didn’t tip you off, the excited diners definitely would have told you that something buzz-worthy and delicious was brewing. Indeed, Spoon’s exciting new partnership with Sodexo, Northwestern’s catering company kicked off last Friday, and on every Friday for the rest of the year, dining halls like Sargent and Allison will be serving recipes from Spoon’s print magazines. Last week, the chefs took on Spoon’s black bean taco salad, complete with ingredients like avocado and colorful peppers, as well as the warm winter chicken stew.

Spoon Recipes in the Dining Halls

Photo by Kirby Barth

Rick Siwecki, a member of the Sodexo HR team, expressed his high hopes for the partnership and said he is looking forward to incorporating Spoon into lunches for the rest of the year. He explained that Head Chef Chris Studtmann selects the recipes from the Spoon collection based on what will complement the rest of the menu for the day. 

Studtmann himself said to look out mostly for savory Spoon recipes rather than for desserts. Luckily for the chefs, all of the ingredients needed for Spoon’s recipes are already in-house. Studmann, who is a self-proclaimed fan of the magazine, says he thinks this partnership will be great because the dining hall can now respond to students’ desires. In other words, they can prepare what they already know students like to eat.

This week, look out for stuffed chicken with a spinach soufflé and a caprese sandwich. Get there early because it will go fast!