Did you know red and yellow make you hungry? In the month of November, Spoon Queen’s focused on food colours and how a visually appealing meal can affect one’s eating experience. In lieu of this theme, we held the Food Art Photography Contest to celebrate just how good lookin’ food can be.

…and damn, did we get some fine specimens.

photography contest

GIF courtesy of tumblr.com

A huge thanks to all participants. You guys could easily get your food photos featured on #SpoonFeed. Although all of the photos were insta-worthy, here are some of the sexiest entries:

1. First Place – Cayla Wolever

photography contest

Photo By Cayla Wolever

The winner is Cayla Wolever, proving once and for all that veggies are anything but boring. The colour coordination is absolutely stunning, and obviously voters agreed. Along with bragging rights, Cayla takes home a $75 gift card for a dinner date to Atomica. Congratulations Cayla. And for those of you who don’t like fresh veggies, try turning them into a mouth-watering dessert.

2. Second Place – Delaram Yazdi

photography contest

Photo by Delaram Yazdi

Delaram’s photo is what we all wish our breakfast looked like. Okay, maybe we would prefer cookies for breakfast but this one’s a close second. The sunny color scheme charmed us and voters, with this photo coming in at almost 170 likes. Congratulations Delaram, and we hope you enjoy the $35 sushi plate from KAME Sushi and Bento. You deserve it.

A special thanks goes to the international food blogger based in Belgium who made a submission.

Now go forth all of you, and may your food always look as fabulous as it tastes.

photography contest

GIF Courtesy of DatGIF.com