You fell, you got hurt and now you’re aching. We’ve all been there. Don’t worry; there is hope for you yet.

We all know that eating healthy helps your inner body, but some foods will actually take care of your scrapes, bruises and burns better than time can take the pain away.


Photo by Hannah Lin

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that our bodies do not have the ability to produce, meaning it’s important for you to consume every day. Vitamin C makes it possible for cuts to heal and can even get rid of scar tissue. You can get some of this vitamin by eating citrus foods or berries.

When you have a bruise, it’s best to have the previously mentioned Vitamin C to help blood flow in the vessels in combination with Vitamin K (for blood clotting). To get Vitamin K, eat dark leafy greens or broccoli, and your bruise will heal in no time.


Photo by Abbie Ginis

Vitamin A helps your body make the ever-helpful white blood cells. White blood cells come to the rescue when you get wounded and fight off possible infections. By eating foods rich in Vitamin A, you quicken the pace that white blood cells are able to heal open wounds all while they fight off infections and viruses. Easily attainable sources of Vitamin A include carrots and sweet potatoes.


Photo by Bari Blanga

Did you know you could actually replace painkillers with Omega-3 fatty acids? Well, now you do. They have the ability to reduce the inflammation that comes with new wounds. Reducing the swelling around the wound speeds up healing time and decreases the pain you may be feeling! Foods like salmon and walnuts can provide these lovely fatty acids for you. 

Some other foods to help with wounds would be any type of lean meat. Protein and iron are in these leaner forms of meat; protein produces skin cells and iron oxygenates the blood. Both help heal wounds on your body fast. Fluid and electrolytes can also help with any muscle cramps you may have, depending on the injury.

If you eat all these foods, you should be healed up and ready to get injured again in no time! And maybe the diet will stick and get you ready for a woundless summer bod.


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