Calling all cereal lovers! We know you’re bored of your go-to breakfast. Either you’ve tried every brand and flavor combination on the shelves, or you’ve opted for more nutrient fortified carbs at the expense of taste and satisfaction. If you're looking to spice up your morning routine, but can’t stay away from that daily bowl of cereal, Special K is here for you.

Special K has just released a new product that’s both nutritious and delicious. The new Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon cereal contains satisfyingly crispy flakes dusted with a healthy amount of cinnamon-sugary goodness. Each bite exudes flavors adjacent to a warm snickerdoodle with milk. Unlike a cookie, however, one serving of this breakfast delight packs 100% of your daily value of 10 key vitamins and minerals. These include Zinc, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, and Iron, among others. The health benefits of these additives range from strengthening your immune system, to keeping nerve and blood cells functioning properly. An abundance of nutrients means you no longer need to worry about taking your daily multivitamin with breakfast. One bowl of Special K will nourish your body and satisfy your sweet tooth.

Cindy Huntington, Brand Director at Kellogg Company, describes the motivation behind their new product. During a press release last month, Huntington said, “At breakfast, we often face the decision of something delicious we want to eat versus something healthy we feel we should eat. That’s a compromise and it takes the enjoyment out of breakfast. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon with 100% daily value of 10 vitamins and minerals, our first cereal with this level of nutrition packed into each delicious bowlful. We know it’s easier to make healthy habits stick when they’re simple and delicious, and this new cereal really delivers on that.” With so much positive promotion surrounding the cereal, we at Spoon decided to try it out.

Karlina Ho


First things first: pricing. If this breakfast is to become a daily routine (or a go-to late night study snack), it needs to fit in a college-student budget. Boxes of Special K Brown Sugar Cinnamon cereal hit stores late last month at a suggested retail price of $4.19 for a 12.5-ounce box and $5.29 for an 18.3-ounce box. With 8 servings per 12.5-ounce package, that is only $0.52 per breakfast. I like the sound of that!

Snack Test

Secondly, before pouring any milk, we at Spoon had to try the cereal plain. If it’s going to make a good breakfast, it must also be a good snack. At first look, the flakes vary in size, but on average seem larger than typical Special K pieces; this is great for snacking. They have a mouth-watering coating of cinnamon and brown sugar that makes them appear a warm, dark amber color. One bite and we were hooked. Many sugary cereals tend to overdue the sugar and lack in cinnamon. These bite-size pieces, however, are encased in a deliciously large amount of our favorite baking spice, all the while carrying a subtle brown-sugary sweetness. They are crispy without being too hard, and leave no residue on your fingers. Dare I say we’ve found the new, elevated, vitamin-dense, Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Special K created a winner with this cereal. We’ve found ourselves snacking on our new treat throughout the day. These flakes pass the no-milk test!

With Milk

Lastly, we simulated a real-life breakfast situation. With milk, the new cinnamon-brown sugar cereal takes on an even more satisfying flavor. The milk brings out more of the brown sugar taste and compliments the cinnamon in a way that feels like a big hug. If you’re a fan of warm milk with cinnamon and sugar, this cereal needs to be on your radar. As far a crispness goes, the flakes managed to keep their crunch until the very last bite. And a tip for high nutrient intake: cereals fortified with vitamins and minerals often have these additives sprayed onto the outside. In order to make sure you consume all of the guaranteed 100% daily value, don’t forget to slurp your milk!

A bowl of Special K Brown Sugar Cereal is sure to wake you up with a smile and fuel your day. Although the brand claims a high standard with their new product, along the lines of flavor, nutrition, and price, they have lived up to expectations