What’s worse than walking down the candy aisle when you *really* want some candy and finding nothing that calls out to you? Not much. I'm always searching for the candy that makes me say “omg I need to buy six of these.” Sour Strips by Actual Candy is the holy grail of sour candy. Finally, a candy brand that promises and delivers damn good candy.

With mouth-watering flavors like strawberry, blue raspberry, and tropical mango, there's definitely a flavor that always suits your mood. And starting today, you can also try their newest flavor, green apple.

Here's my official review: WOW they're delicious. Between the chewing and puckering from the intense sour coating, you're hit with a juicy green apple flavor. It's seriously like a gummy version of a green Jolly Rancher that was then dipped into the most intense sour sugar you've ever tasted. The thing about Sour Strips is that it lives up to the hype. Flavorful candy that is actually sour. If you find yourself wanting more from your bag of generic sour gummies, then these are for you.You can find all five flavors of this mouth-watering candy at Sourstrips.com. I’d *highly* recommend the variety pack so you can try all of the flavors at once. Seriously, thank me later.