I’ve tried a lot of sour candy in my days, and I mean a lot. Sometimes you want a snack with just a hint of tartness to it, while other times you want a candy so sour that it’ll melt the top layer of skin off your tongue. Been there. I'm here to tell you that the five below candies are God tier when it comes to flavor and tartiness. 

1. Sour Strips

These Sour Strips are maxed out on both flavor and sourness. They’ll have your mouth water from the juicy fruit flavors and pucker from the extreme sour flavor. When you pull one of these brightly colored strips from the package you can see those sour crystals just glistening in the light, waiting to hit your tongue and send you running for the hills. 

2. Jolly Rancher Sour Surge

These Jolly Ranchers are perfect for any sour candy lover. A hard candy, like you would expect from Jolly Ranchers, filled with a pocket of sour powder in the middle. Once you strike sour on these hard candies you’re rushed with that sour flavor that you crave. The sensation quickly mixes with the sweetness from the outside and you’re left with a great tasting sour candy that you can enjoy. 

3. Sour Big Chewy Nerds

Sour Big Chewy Nerds are all I could ever want from Nerds candy. It’s like individual bite-sized Nerds Ropes, but with a sour twist. Each piece is a like a little Nerds nugget that is tart, yet sweet and both chewy and crunchy. The Sour Big Chewy Nerds are like an enigma of the sour candy world.

4. Watermelon Sour Patch Kids

We all know that Watermelon Sour Patch Kids are the best flavor of Sour Patch Kids out there. These fun watermelon shaped gummies are doused in sour sugar, making them more sweet than sour, but still have a little punch to them. Also we love all things watermelon this summer, so they’ll go perfect with all of your summer cocktails.

5. Trolli Sour Bite Crawlers

The best sour gummy worms out there, no doubt. I’ll even pick these bad boys over sour bears, kids, and even sour octopuses. The sour to gummy ratio is spot on with Sour Bite Crawlers. Now, all we need is a bag full of just red and blue crawlers.