Tired of sacrificing quality for convenience, of not finding a healthy delicious alternative to a muffin, a sandwich, a salty snack or balancing your salad bowl and fork – not a pretty sight as you rush from one activity to another? Well, stress no more.  Sophia’s Delight Savory Tartes are here to solve all your foodie woes. 

Real Talk

Sophia Kolodzinski

Now, full disclosure. My mom started baking these for me years ago when I was diagnosed with Celiac and a level 5 tree nut allergy. After developing her own special non-GMO gluten free flour blend in our kitchen, and cracking the code on a delicious gluten free crust, she wanted others to have healthy grab and go foods for their on-the-go lifestyle. And then, Sophia’s Delight was born.

What's in Stock?

Sophia Kolodzinski

Her delicious ready to eat single serve savory tartes come in two flavors – Mushroom Swiss and Spinach Ricotta. Made from non-GMO whole grain gluten-free flours, and packed with protein – up to 28% of your daily value – perfect for an on the go breakfast or lunch. Pop them in your microwave or toaster oven – from the refrigerator or thaw fully if frozen - before you head out the door and pronto presto you are literally good to go. 

Healthy Yet Tasty

Sophia Kolodzinski

Not only are Sophia's Delight tartes delicious, they are better for you: no gluten, nuts, GMOs, sugar, soy, corn or artificial preservatives and dyes. Because Sophia’s Delight savory tartes are made from whole grain gluten free flours and free from processed simple carbs they are low glycemic so you digest slowly – even while you’re moving at lightspeed. And, for those of you who read the fine print on food labels, these tartes are made in a certified gluten-free facility that is nut free and Kosher. 

Where Can I Buy this Deliciousness?

Sophia Kolodzinski

Because Sophia’s Delight is a start-up small batch manufacturer, the brand is launching in just a few markets, for now. You can order online at SophiasDelight.com for weekly delivery into Manhattan every Wednesday and Bergen County, NJ on Thursdays. Keep an eye on  Facebook at SophiasDelightGlutenFreeNJ and Instagram using the hashtag #SophiasDelightGF.