March is National Sauce Month, and the BBQ experts over at Sonny's BBQ have been highlighting their four signature sauces (to recap, that's Original, Sweet, Sizzlin', and Smokin) you'll find on every one of their tables. To celebrate, several of Sonny's pitmasters have created four unique dishes that complement the flavors of each sauce. 

But these dishes don't stop there - Sonny's BBQ has released all four recipes so fans can join in on the celebration by making these at home. So go to your local grocery store, grab a bottle of Sonny's BBQ sauce, and get cookin'!

The Backyard Burger

Photo Courtesy of Sonny's BBQ

With grilling season fast approaching, why not give this over-the-top burger a try? Layers of homemade ribs, onion fries, and typical burger fixin's are piled high to construct this recipe. The Backyard Burger was created by Pitmaster Louvaine Addo of Sonny's BBQ Marietta, GA and features the sweet and tangy Original Sauce

Smokin' Beef n' Brisket Goulash

Photo Courtesy of Sonny's BBQ

Goulash is a stew-like dish with humble beginnings tracing back to Eastern Europe. Pitmaster Eileen O’Rourke of Sonny’s BBQ Orlando, FL has taken this traditional dish a step further with a savory, southern flair. The smokey and sweet Smokin Sauce is the star of The Smokin' Beef n' Brisket Goulash, pulling diverse ingredients into one mouthwatering dish. 

#Spoon Tip: To help with the cooking process, you can add 1 cup of water to the beef mixture and then add the elbow noodles so they cook in with the beef. If you choose to do this, add the noodles before you add the carrots and peas.

Saucy Boss - Chicken Tender Sandwich

Photo Courtesy of Sonny's BBQ

This is not your average chicken sandwich: Pitmaster Margie Kluess of Sonny’s BBQ Lake City, FL has put together a fiery dish any heat lover can enjoy at home. It features Sonny's Sizzlin Sauce, which adds that signature smokey and spicy flavor. 

Sweet N’ Spicy BBQ Chicken Dip

Photo Courtesy of Sonny's BBQ

Looking for a party dish that's easy to make yet insanely delicious? Head Pitmaster Bryan Mroczka's of Sonny’s BBQ Sweet N' Spicy BBQ Chicken Dip will become your new favorite appetizer for any gathering. The secret? The sweet and tangy Sweet Sauce really make the flavors pop in this dish. 

Wrap Up

Sonny's BBQ offers a variety of sauces, each with their own distinct flavors and flair. It's no question there can be some unique dishes inspired by each of them, and there's a flavor every person will enjoy. And that's truly worth celebrating.