As a broke college student, finding ways to make cheap vodka taste less like rubbing alcohol is a constant goal. This time, I decided to head over to Sonic Drive-In to find the best slushy-alcohol combo.

I recruited my roommate and my neighbor to help me out with this one, thanks Jackie and Devon. We each chose our favorite Sonic slushies to mix with the ever so delicious Tito's (yuck), and that's when the fun began. We each ordered large slushies, and mixed about three shots in each (sorry, mom!).

Blue Raspberry Slush

strawberry, sweet, raspberry, berry
Torey Walsh

A classic slushy flavor, and Jackie's favorite, the blue raspberry was a solid choice. The typical horrifying burning flavor of Tito's was masked very well by the blue raspberry taste. The main con was the level of sugar in this one. If you're one who loves sweet drinks, this is probably perfect for you. But, for me, drinks that are too sweet lead to a stomach ache and a violent hangover.

All in all this one was pretty good, and receives a solid 7/10 from me. 

Cherry Limeade Slush

soup, tomato
Erin Davis

My personal favorite slushy is the sonic favorite, cherry limeade. Cherry limeade is definitely my guilty pleasure, and I was a little worried that mixing my favorite drink with vodka might ruin it for me, but boy was I wrong! The cherry limeade was super great at masking the Tito's, and it wasn't too sweet. The lime flavor completely covered any alcohol taste, and I was just left with the delicious, icy treat I have loved for so many years.

10/10, definitely recommend. 

Blue Coconut Slush

vegetable, nut
Kennard P

This one was entirely new to me. I had never had this flavor before, and I was pleasantly surprised! This slush is definitely one I would order on a regular day, but it wasn't the best when we mixed in the Tito's. The flavor of this slushy was quite sweet, but didn't mask the alcohol taste at all. So really, we were left with an extremely sweet vodka slush.

Overall, this one gets a 4/10 from me. 

Hands down, the cherry limeade was my favorite, and the most popular one amongst the three of us. No matter the flavor, writing the article helped me realize what a good pregame move vodka slushies are, and I'd definitely recommend giving it a try.

Disclaimer: beware of the brain-freezes and the sugar hangovers, happy slushy-ing!