At Spoon University we’re all about trying new things, but this has to be one of the craziest things we’ve heard yet. Commercial Licorice Parlor, located in Vancouver, now lets you experience chocolate in a whole new way — by snorting it. You read correctly. Gone are the days of letting your Hersey’s Kisses melt on your tongue. This boutique candy store now offers chocolate snorting, and we’re equal parts excited and terrified.


Photo by Jessica He

Commercial Licorice Parlor owner, Mary Jean Dunsdon, heard about this phenomenon about a year ago when a friend mentioned he had snorted chocolate in Amsterdam. The idea originated in Belgium when a Belgian chocolatier, Dominique Persoone, was asked to create something exciting for a Rolling Stones birthday party.  Mary, excited to get in on this chocolate venture, traveled to  The Chocolate Line store in Antwerp, Belgium and bought the tools necessary to snort chocolate. No rolled dolla bills here.

snorting chocolate

Photo Courtesy of Mary Jean Dunsdon


There are two flavors to choose from: cocoa raspberry and cocoa ginger; both have a hint of mint. The chocolate powder comes in a box kit, complete with instructions and a plastic “catapult” device that launches the cocoa powder into the nostril.

“The chocolate goes up your nose and settles into your sinuses and oral factory where most of your tasting happens,” Dunsdon explained to Huffington Post. The snorting device never touches the nostril, but distributes the powder through the air and into the nose.

“Then you just kind of experience chocolate for a couple hours, actually, in a very subtle manner,” she explained. “It hits all the same pleasure receptors in the brain [as it would] if you were to eat chocolate.” I’m sorry… We get to experience chocolate for a couple of hours?? Dreams do come true.


Photo by Alex Weiner

Each sniff is $2, but die-hard chocolate snorters can buy their own tin to take home for $12, or purchase the entire kit for $109. If you’re outside of Vancouver or Belgium and dying to try the newest chocolate phenomenon, you can order online from The Chocolate Line here. The website is in Dutch, but T-God for Google Translate. The snorting is said to clear sinuses, but like everything good in life consume in moderation.

Chocolate straight to the brain? Don’t mind if I do.

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