Saturday Night Live has been known to air some pretty strange skits in the many years it's been running. But none of them are as disturbingly funny as these. Here are some of the most hilarious SNL skits that have to do with food. Fair warning — you may feel a little queasy after watching them.  

1. Taco Town (2005)

"Taco Town" is a skit that shows that too much of a good thing can become so, so bad. Why did they have to ruin the beloved taco? It was so perfect. 

2. The French Chef (1978)

"The French Chef" is inspired by world renowned chef Julia Child. I don't think she ever cut herself this bad on her own show, but at least we get a first aid lesson along with the gore. 

3. Brownie Husband (2010)

"Brownie Husband" is made to represent the ideal man: tall, dark, and filled with a caramel center? Honestly, sign me up. 

4. Paula Deen's Paper Towels (2010) 

In "Paula Deen's Big Ol' Soakems Paper Towels" the butter loving woman herself, Paula Deen, is played by Kristen Wigg, an actress that can pull off disgusting well. As Wigg is showing us a recipe and her new "fat sucking" invention, we get to witness her eating handfuls of butter off her fingers. Yum. 

5. Chewable Pampers (2009)

Maybe it's just me, but the idea of "recycling" used diapers for dinner doesn't seem that appealing. Watching Kristen Wigg chew and swallow them in "Chewable Pampers" ruined any possibility of me "going green" and trying this product. 

6. Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Not Retiring (2016)

 Famous impersonator, Kate McKinnon, plays Ginsburg in the skit "Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Not Retiring", demonstrating the lengths to which the Associate Justice will go to not die. We see her downing Emergen-C like she's addicted — I'm surprised she didn't try to snort a line or get an I.V. of the stuff at the rate she was going.

7. Jaime Lee Curtis for Activia (2008)

In "Jaime Lee Curtis for Activia," Kristen Wigg plays a Jaime Lee Curtis who has a few too many probiotics in her system, leading her to have a pretty big her pants.

8. Bass-O-Matic (2015)

Come get the "Bass-O-Matic" so that you can purée whole fish at your leisure! The creators of this skit obviously knew what they were doing to our gag reflex when they decided to blend a whole fish and drink it on camera...ew. 

9. Jon Hamm's John Ham (2008)

Famous actor Jon Hamm has an innovative new invention for the busy business man who needs a visit to his porcelain throne: "Jon Hamm's John Ham". Because you've always wanted to eat slices of ham while using the restroom, right? Just don't forget your mustard soap!

10. Pre Chew Charlie's (1980)

Come to "Pre Chew Charlie's" if you enjoy eating food that has already been chewed for you. Sounds delicious, huh? This restaurant advertises toward the disabled and old, but I don't care how sick I get — I'd rather drink smoothies for the rest of my life than someone else's chewed steak.