There’s just something about a classic Snickers that really brings you back. From the gooey caramel and crunchy peanuts, to the layer of milk chocolate—enough said. But now, the classic Snickers is getting a makeover. The candy company is introducing three new varieties of Creamy Snickers, and each creates the most unreal flavor dimensions.

The whole idea behind these new Creamy Snickers is that instead of the peanuts that the original features, the new candy bars will be filled with nut butters. I got a chance to give them an early try (perks of working for a food website!) and let me tell you, these are great. 

The Peanut Butter Creamy Snickers tastes most similar to the OG since the peanuts have only been replaced by peanut butter. But, the Almond Butter and Maple Almond Butter bars are both game changers. While the Almond Butter bar was probably my favorite, the Maple Almond Butter had a sweeter taste and it was pretty unreal.

PRNews Photo / Mars, Incorporated

So, the moral of the story is that you really can’t go wrong with any of the new Creamy Snickers flavors since they all bring something so unique to the table. Plus, in all three varieties, you still get the gooey caramel and the milk chocolate coating that you know and love, because it wouldn’t be a Snickers bar without that, obviously.

Unfortunately, the new Creamy Snickers won't hit stores until January 2019, so you have a bit of time before you can get your hands on these new flavors. But, take my word, these are going to be your new favorite chocolate candy bars on the market come the New Year.