Sexting on Snapchat? Never. Actually, with the new Discover feature, let me enjoy my food porn.

Yesterday, Snapchat announced the launch of a new feature that allows media channels to curate content for Snapchat users. Every day, each channel’s content is updated. You can navigate through the channel by swiping right and left. If you want more of a specific story, swipe up.

While checking up on pictures and videos from friends, you can also get articles and videos from CNN, Comedy Central and National Geographic. But the best of all these channels? Food Network.


Courtesy of Food Network

You can count on Food Network to satisfy your need for food porn through quick recipes, videos and tips. Today, Food Network featured a video of how to make mac & cheese in a rice cooker (geez, rice cookers can make anything).

According to Snapchat’s blog, they announced that the purpose of Discover is to allow media channels to collect the content that they want to feature. Often, social media dictates what becomes newsworthy through a popularity contest of clicks and likes. Hopefully, Discover will allow Snapchat users to “discover” content they otherwise would not have read. Also, because the app is so easy to use, this will definitely encourage users to get a quick dose of news from the channels.

Courtesy of Food Network

Personally, I can’t wait to check the new stories from each channel per day – especially Food Network. Now that’s an incentive to wake up in the morning. And hey, I might also cook up a quick batch of mac & cheese in my rice cooker. I might even just snap it to all my friends.