The only thing worse than struggling to endure your afternoon lecture while your stomach grumbles louder than Beethoven’s 5th and your hangry levels reach state of emergency is hearing the freshman behind you munch on their far too fragrant diner leftovers. So don’t be either of those guys and instead learn how to pack snacks that not only boost your energy and focus but avoid crumbs in your notes and glares from everyone in a five seat radius.

Packaged Drinks


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Horizon Chocolate Milk: Get the same satisfaction as when your mom packed you Nesquick but in a healthier and more organic way. Horizon chocolate milk will give you the small protein boost you need to stay awake and comes in chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Coconut Water: Not only will you look trendy, but you’ll be quenching your thirst with a low-cal, high potassium and electrolyte filled drink. Try Coco Cafe Coconut Water which has the added benefit of a shot of espresso.

Liquid Snacks


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Soup: Thermoses are no longer just for coffee and tea. Make your own version of Campbell’s Soup To Go by heating up soup at home and sneaking it in a thermos. You can sip away discretely and avoid the risk of spilling.


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Smoothies: Freeze whatever fruit you have on hand the night before, add milk or ice and blend. You’ll get your daily intake of fruit while enjoying a filling snack.

Fruits and Veggies


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Dried Fruits: Mini packages of raisins are already packaged and can easily be thrown in your backpack. Pick up a massive bag from Costco and you’re good to go for the semester.


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Fresh Fruits: There is nothing worse than the smell of a clementine dispersing throughout the room or trying to not awkwardly eat a banana in public. Instead, pack blueberries, pitted cherries or grapes that require no peeling, hand washing or utensils.

Veggies: Grape tomatoes are extremely flavorful and shelled edamame is rich in protein. Pack a zip lock full of these and pop throughout class to stay full and entertained.

Small Snacks:

Hard Boiled Eggs: Boil and peel half a dozen eggs and you’ll be ready for the week. Eggs are a great source of healthy fats and can easily be eaten on the go. Just make sure to keep refrigerated until right before class.


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Cheese: Take a moment to zone out the history of pre-World War II Japan and  treat yourself to a classy snack. Babybel Cheese and cheese sticks are easy to transport and come in a variety of flavors.

Mini Meals:


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Meat and Cheese Roll Ups: Pick your favorite deli meats and sliced cheese, stack and roll.


Photo by Karina Shedrofsky

Pita Pockets: If you really can’t resist eating a full sandwich in class, at least avoid the sticky PB&J and go for a pita which keeps contents inside and fingers clean. Stuff with veggies or your favorite sandwich makings.

Tortilla Roll Ups: Spread humus, peanut butter and banana or even salsa and shredded cheese on a soft tortilla and roll. The flavor combinations are endless and you’ll have a healthier version of a McDonald’s Snack Wrap.