When people hear vegan, they automatically think raw carrot sticks and lots of green, and all thoughts of deliciousness fly out the door. Here at SU, there are plenty of ways to fight a snack attack, the vegan way.
Don’t worry, there will be no unsalted cauliflower or “super easy” nineteen-step hummus on the following list. There are plenty of happy mediums between fresh veggies and potato chips available to students on shelves across campus.

1. Veggie Sticks

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Erin Qiu

These delicious substitutes for chips can be found at every student store and most residential vending machines. They have less than half the fat of your average tater chip and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and zesty flavors.

2. Sabra Hummus and Pretzels

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Erin Qiu

The bookstore grocery section in Schine and the West Campus store behind Lawrinson both carry this tasty, wholesome treat. Grab a Naked mango smoothie to bring your lunch to the next level.

3. Pop Chips

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Gabby Phi

Can’t stay away from that classic spud-induced crunch? Pop Chips clearly label their ingredients, warning you if the flavor of your choosing is truly vegan or solely vegetarian. Classics like “Sweet Potato,” “Sea Salt,” and “Sea Salt and Vinegar” all have the vegan stamp of approval, as well as many others.

4. Oreos

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Erin Qiu

Day made, am I right? Certainly, raw vegans will poopoo the idea of giving into processed junk like this, but for the rest of us who need a taste of the world we once knew – before turning vegan – Oreos are a perfect dessert after a healthy meal.

5. Amy’s Apple Toaster Pops

Although unfrosted Pop Tarts are considered vegan friendly, who wants to chow down on cardboard when there’s a flaky, fluffy, ooey-gooey, apple-filled dessert waiting to float onto your plate?

Amy’s carries many vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options for a heftier appetite. These toaster pops are absolutely mouth-watering. If you don’t have a toaster available to you, use a waffle iron, hot plate or your floor’s microwave to heat these bad boys up.

6. Ritz Crackers and Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Erin Qiu

Nutella lovers, rejoice. Justin’s creamy nut butter products can be found in the back right section of the Schine grocery store amidst a mountain of seemingly vegan snacks*. Craving PB&J but don’t have the time? Smack a spoonful of jelly onto a few Ritz crackers and let your inner child smile.

*Be wary! Although the majority of these “healthy” snacks are indeed vegan, quite a few are simply vegetarian or gluten-free mixed into the bunch

7. Blue Corn Chips and Salsa

Would you rather have a midday siesta or a lunchtime fiesta? Salsa, even commercial brands like Tostitos, is incredibly healthy and contains next to no fat or calories.

Blue corn chips are surprisingly filling and a fun way to add some crunch. You can find both of these products just about anywhere on campus in a variety of brands. Try blue corn chips with flax seeds for extra crunch and omega-3’s!

8. Bare Apple Chips

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Sitong Chen

Bare has basically taken any old boring fruit and turned it into slices of light-as-air goodness. Apple, mango, sea salt encrusted fruits for the savory and sweet loving snackers – all are available in the Schine bookstore.

For future reference, keep an eye on the sale rack in the Schine bookstore. Most products, marked 50 – 70% off, are typically vegan friendly and victims of society’s fear to try something new. One man’s clearance is clearly another man’s treasure.

9. Good Health Avocado Oil Barbecue Chips

The skies opened up and the universe said, “Let there be barbecue avocado chips!” When you see these in the West Campus store, stock up! Vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, organic – who could ask for anything more?

10. Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Jennifer Cao

For the light packers and busy bees out there, Nature Valley Granola Bars are perfect for keeping full throughout a long day. The calories are rather high and these do tend to crumble more than our lives on Monday morning, but isn’t it worth it? They’re everywhere: Schine, Food.com in Newhouse, West Campus, South, Kimmel and local stores.

11. Cracker Jacks

Feeling sporty? This baseball game staple is a winner amongst the crowd. All can enjoy cracker jacks, which contain only soy, nut and wheat products. Pick up a box during select seasons in the Schine bookstore or take a trip to the local CVS.

12. Almonds and Peanuts

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Stephanie Lee

Stuck on the mount or in BBB and need a late night snack? Grab a package of almonds, peanuts or cashews! You can find a wider variety of nuts, including pistachios and macadamias, at the West Campus store, Kimmel or the Schine bookstore.

13. Traditional Chex Mix

The crunchy gods have blessed us. Traditional flavored Chex Mix is vegan friendly and can be found in Kimmel, West Campus and Schine.

14. Swedish Fish

Store-Bought Vegan Snacks

Photo by Steven Baboun

Finally, a fish we can enjoy! Swedish Fish are great for a much-needed sugar rush during a tedious study sesh. Grab a package from Schine, West Campus, Kimmel and mostly any vending machine in dorms.

15. Annie’s Fruit Snacks

These delectable packets of juicy bunny-shaped gummies are the perfect quenchers for a sweet tooth. Buy a box at Schine in the vegan section.

It’s easy to be tempted by shiny plastic bags filled with greasy, chocolate-covered snacks, but there’s no need to give in to temptation when the campus is covered in takeaway vegan options galore!