BREAKING NEWS: Olivia Rodrigo is going on tour for her sophomore album, "GUTS." And for any Ticketmaster waiting room that moves slower than time, you'll need a snack to keep you company.

Follow this snack tip list to get your tastebuds in the mood for the "GUTS" tour to match the same wavelength your brain is on.

Chocolate Covered Blueberries

Seeing how Rodrigo refrains from eating meat, what food item is better to kickstart this list than fruit? Chocolate-covered blueberries provide a sweeter taste to a fruit that's already great on its own. One "logical" version of this popular snack to balance out the sweetness is to use dark chocolate compared to milk or white chocolate.

Lavender Lattes

Mainly because this drink is part of the purple family, a lavender latte also belongs here as it'll help calm anyone down after listening to "GUTS." This album unravels even more of Rodrigo's anxieties and heartbreaks with a lot of listeners connecting to the songs on a personal level, so why would anyone pass up something that is known to help de-stress? Lavender is here to bring those anxieties to a lower level with a calming sense.

Devil's Food

Now, this may be the only nonpurple-esque food item on this list, but it's worthy to be here. As the album dives further into Rodrigo's anxieties, what better food item than chocolate cake with chocolate icing? A perfect stress-eating item.

Starbucks' Mango Dragon Fruit Refresher

With a reddish-purple color combination making it more of a pink, this drink combats all the feelings of the "​ballad of a homeschooled girl." This song resembles Rodrigo's struggles to fit in and tackles the common belief that homeschooled kids are socially stunted. And for any of those who have been in a social setting (especially a school setting as most fans should know), know the girls who have a Starbucks cup in their hand are the "it girls." So grab this drink to make yourself fit in with the popular social girls.


Even though Rodrigo has claimed the color purple as her own, this bright red fruit needs to be here. After all, a "vampire" only drinks red blood, right? And if you're such a big fan and want to feel like Rodrigo herself, we all know she likes strawberries, so why not have some yourself?

Sour Patch Kids

To get a blast from the past, grab a pack of Sour Patch Kids, especially the grape version, as it'll give you some "deja vu." Plus, it's purple for the Rodrigo color pallet of, yep, you guessed it, purple.

Grab the mix of these "SOUR" and "GUTS" snacks to make this even more of a "bad idea right?" when it comes to eating this food when the tickets will probably go on sale.