We all know that there are so many great things that come with being a Smick - our "undefeated" football team, fall weather on the Ave, tailgating, years of tradition. And everyone on campus knows the term "Noble Family Dining Hall", in all its glory. We never know what our experiences there will be. Here are 10 thoughts every Smick is sure to have when she decides to use a swipe at the infamous DH.

1.) All right, here we go, back at it on this Monday afternoon.

Okay, it's Monday, the start of a brand new week. Maybe they'll have some amazing options. It may be November of my junior year, but there's still hope, right?

2.) I hope I don’t see that professor whose 8 a.m. class I skipped.

Sorry, Prof, really wasn't feeling that biology class this morning that I'm only taking to cross off a Sophia requirement.

3.) Shoot, it’s 12:13, I need to pick up the pace before the mob arrives.

The 12:15 rush can only mean two things: I probably won't get the one decent option in Bistro and I will be bumped into at every turn. I'm mentally prepping already.

4.) Ooooh, I wonder what kind of fresh-baked cookie there is today.

I'm going to be honest, this has been my favorite part of any meal I've had in the Noble Family Dining Hall.

5.) I swear, if I see another olive in my food, I’m going to lose my mind.

This also applies to our good friends beans, carrots, and onions. Give our taste buds a break, there's only so many of each vegetable we can take.

6.) Is this actual chicken? Being a vegetarian doesn't sound bad right now. 

Not anymore.

7.) Nothing is coming out of the Lucky Charms dispenser. 


8.) I shouldn’t have even come, I mean, I have Easy Mac in my room...

I'll take microwavable noodles over the "fresh" food, thanks very much.

9.) Didn’t I see this in last night’s meal?

These penne noodles in the minestrone soup look like the ones from last night's pasta dish...interesting. 

10.) When in doubt, there’s always the pizza, I guess. Go Belles. 

Yes, John Green you are so right. You just can't go wrong.

While the Noble Family Dining Hall is sometimes not at the top of the list for things we love about Saint Mary's, we're still grateful for all that the friendly Sodexo staff do for us. We see you workin' hard and we appreciate it. The DH brings us all together, whether it be going to the famed Moreau dinner (the rolls are always top notch) or bringing back a heaping plate of fresh-baked cookies for the whole table...sisterhood, am I right?