Over the past couple of years, Smart Sweets has gained massive popularity for its tasty treats, which are known to be low in sugar and high in fiber. When I heard they were supposedly better than your average candies, I knew that I had to try them out. Does the brand really "keep candy, kick sugar" as its slogan suggests? I'll be the judge of that. 

Let's try out five of their most favored kinds...

Red Twists 

The Red Twists are intended to mimic your average licorice, and let me tell you...they are even better. Every bite has a perfect pull that is full of flavor. They make an excellent dessert, a great afternoon treat, and a delicious movie snack. They also contain only two grams of sugar for the entire package, which is much less than their competition. 

Fruity Gummy Bears 

Initially, I was skeptical that the Fruity Gummy Bears wouldn't taste anything like your average Haribo, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, they tasted even better. If you are a big gummy bear fan, you will love these. Or, if you are anything like me, and gummy bears aren't your favorite either, you'll still love them. I couldn't put them down and they were the best candy out of the five that I tested.

Peach Rings 

The Peach Rings were very tasty, but I will acknowledge that they are an acquired taste. The candy has the exact same flavoring as your average peach ring, but if you are someone who loves the satisfying pull or the fluffy texture that comes with the original, perhaps the Smart Sweets version is not the one for you.  

Sweet Fish 

Before I tried the Sweet Fish, I expected the flavoring to be similar to Swedish Fish, and when it wasn't, I was a little disappointed. One thing I loved about the fish was that they had the most satisfying pull with each and every bite, but I was not the biggest fan of their taste.

Out of all five of the candies I tried, the Sweet Fish were my least favorite. Perhaps my disappointment was due to my high expectations, but I don't think I will be purchasing these again. 

Sourmelon Bites 

The Sourmelon Bites defied all of my expectations. They were the perfect mixture of sour and sweet and are a much healthier alternative to Watermelon Sour Patch. One serving size of Sour Patch has almost four times as much sugar as one package of Smart Sweets. I will definitely be picking these up on my next trip to the grocery store.


So...is Smarts Sweets a yay or a nay?! Overall, Smarts Sweets is a big yay in my book. Of course, tastiness is subjective, but I would argue that no brand does it like Smarts Sweets. It is a much healthier option than your usual go-to's, it's a perfect snack or dessert for on-the-go, and it satisfies all your sweet tooth cravings. So, run to your local grocery store and do a Smarts Sweets taste test yourself. I promise you won't be disappointed with the results.