The days of waiting at Keurig and standing in line at Starbucks are over. Meet Smart Cookies - The Future of the Caffeine Industry.

Smart Cookies are caffeinated cookies perfect for extra energy before class or work. Each cookie has 90 mg of caffeine baked in which is the same amount of caffeine as in an average cup of coffee. Not only do they give you a great boost of energy, but also they're a delicious snack!

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Dana Halpern

When you eat caffeine with food, your body metabolizes it differently than when you drink it.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach makes your body absorb the caffeine too quickly which leads to jitters, stomach pains, and paranoia along with that one hit of energy. By having the caffeine in food, your body is able to absorb it slower which will help you feel better and will give you more energy over a longer period of time. 

Smart Cookies was created by Ilana Antelman and Tiffany Rodriguez, two college students at the University of Tampa. After dealing with the side effects of caffeine for too long, they realized that eating cookies after helped those symptoms. They realized that this is a problem that a lot of people probably have, so they set out to find a solution and Smart Cookies was born!

The two girls bake each cookie themselves out of their kitchen in Tampa. They began with caffeinated cookies but have expanded to muffins and are introducing brownies soon, so there's something perfect for everyone.

Smart Cookies was such a huge hit in Tampa that they decided to expand and ship to college students across the country.

I dont know about you, but I'm ready to be a Smart Cookie and order some delicious caffeinated cookies!

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