If you go to Colgate, chances are you have experienced Slices. My first slices experience was one of my first nights out at Colgate. I asked for a plain slice (slices come plain only), and I didn’t order any sauce – both rookie mistakes. I was, however, quickly introduced to the beauty of the ranch and hot sauce combo. I haven’t looked back since.

Anyone who frequents Slices will claim that they know the perfect sauce to pair with your slice. The sauce you choose is more than just a reflection of your condiment preference.

Ranch – The Follower


Photo courtesy of @smiteme on flickr.com

You go with a classic sauce enjoyed by most Slices eaters. You know how to have a good time, but tend to follow the crowd. You will vocally proclaim that ranch is the only sauce to eat with your slice, yet refuse to try the other sauces.

Hot Sauce – The Wild Card


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You like to take chances and keep things interesting. Your life is never dull, and you are rarely bored. Hot sauce is perfect for a daring person like you.

BBQ – The Mildly Adventurous One


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Are you hoping BBQ sauce will mask the fact that you’re eating pizza instead of real barbecue? Regardless, you aren’t trying to make any bold statements. You like to be a little different, but not too different.

Honey Mustard – The Weird One


Photo courtesy of @ImpromptuKitchen on flickr.com

Everyone has that one friend who stands by honey mustard. If you eat your slice with honey mustard, you’re in the minority. You would rather do your own thing, even if it means others questioning your decisions.

No Sauce – The Picky One


Photo courtesy of Slices on Facebook

You don’t like to stray from what you know. You are a little unadventurous and are defensive about your no sauce decision. You know you like plain pizza, so why try anything else?

Ranch and Hot Sauce – The Indecisive One


Gif courtesy of tumblr.com

You like the creamy taste of the ranch, but also want a little spice. Maybe you were just too hungry to wait for wings. You aren’t very good at making decisions, but why pick one when you can have both?