Hey there lads, ever get invited to brunch or a backyard barbecue and not sure what to wear?
Well Chubbies has got you covered. Everyone’s favorite go-to company for men’s short shorts has just released a line of brunch themed shorts as well as three brunch themed nutters, or Hawaiian shirts.


Photo courtesy of chubbiesshorts.com

Clad with bright watercolor-esque hamburgers on one pair titled “The Here’s The Beefs” these clothing items are sure to be a hit at any social gathering, providing many lighthearted conversations. All of this is just a part of the founder’s mission, promoting fun and good times under the sun. The “sky’s out, thighs out” founders Kyle Hency, Rainer Castillo, Preston Rutherford, and Tom Montgomery started the company in the fall of 2011 after graduating from Stanford. As reported by Business Insider, it all started with a July 4th party on the beaches of Lake Tahoe.


Photo courtesy of businessinsider.com

After making a small sample of shorts to sell to the party-goers to get a feel for how popular the future business would be, they enthusiastically went home to make 100s of more shorts and a website after being met with success. To make sure their online launch would be as successful as the beach experience the founders emailed fraternity presidents to ask if they would be campus reps and to spread the word of the nostalgia inspired men’s short shorts.


Photo courtesy of chubbieshorts.com

Now they have campus reps all across America and explained to Forbes Magazine how they are constantly working on expanding and bettering their million dollar company. While competition runs high for such a casual product as men’s shorts Chubbies founders know their big appeal is the novelty factor with such products as rip away shorts for guys who wear speedos, as well as the “Friday at 5pm” mind set.

With such success they have also recently set up shop with a brick-and-mortar location on Union Street in San Francisco, which founders say has the most business on Thursday and Friday afternoons just before the weekend. So next time you have sunny weekend brunch plans and want maximum comfort, you know who to turn to for the most festive shorts around.