Many misconceptions exist regarding bar food in Ann Arbor. Ricks claims to be a “Great American Café,” but let’s just say my attempt to order wings was met with genuine confusion. Charley’s is a restaurant, but we all know the real reason students go there: fishbowls. So, where exactly can you go out and party while simultaneously giving into your alcohol-induced starvation?

If you haven’t experienced the dreadfully long 20-minute wait for Pizza Houses’s cheesy bread to arrive at your door, then you haven’t experienced Ann Arbor correctly. If this wait is too long for you- but let’s be real, any wait is too long when you’ve got the drunchies- Skeeps has the solution: chicken fingers and fries displayed conveniently next to the exit, giving you no other, logical choice but to cave in and buy them.
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Whether you’re looking for a companion in your cab home or an appetizer to your mac ‘n cheese pizza at NYPD, the chicken fingers and fries from Skeeps will never disappoint. Whip out your last 5-dollar bill after 1:15 am on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday and boom- you’ve got yourself late night munchies. Yes, I may have burned my mouth going ham on the chicken fingers more times than I’m willing to admit, but a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.