At the University of Valley Forge there are a variety of student-led ministries and clubs that can appeal to all interests and career paths, but what if there were somewhere we could all come together? Not sure if you should join Spoon University? Check out the list below to see where you fit!

1. Classic Foodie

   When your friends are looking for food suggestions, they know you’re better than yelp. You’ve tasted all the food trends before your mom/aunt/elementary school teacher can even share the viral video on Facebook.

Place for you at our table – Writer

   Spoon was made for you! Spoon is by foodies for foodies.

2. Coffee Connoisseur

   Your love (addiction) for the good stuff runs so deep, you’ve tasted every latte from Jazzman’s to Philly. You have a French press and a coffee pot and a Keurig in your room. The baristas at Starbucks AND Dunkin know your order as soon as you open the door.

Place for you at our table – Writer

   Spoon is all about opinions. You’ve had the best, and we want to know about it! You know you’re not shy about sharing your opinion, so share it through Spoon.

3. Fit Face

   You meal plan your protein and veggies for the whole week. You drink a pre/during/post – workout smoothie. Your gains are great and your meals are just a part of all that. You cheat day HARD.

Place for you at our table – Writer/Videographer

   Spoon isn’t just about food! We promote wellness, too! It’s easy for the wellness side to get overlooked, join Spoon and it never will be!

4. The Vacuum

   You eat anything and everything. No allergies, no preferences, nothing you don’t like. All leftovers are passed down the table to you.

Place for you at our table – Videographer/Writer

   You love to eat. We’d love to make you do a bunch of food challenges.

5. IG Queen

   You’re all aesthetics all the time. Your grid is clean and your stories are cool. You can make a dressing room selfie look like a photo shoot with a different angle and a VSCO filter.

Place for you at our table – Photographer

   Spoon is a great resource to build your portfolio and get your work seen.

6. Head Chef

   The kitchen in your apartment is your happy place. Your always inviting people over for dinner and you know kitchen hacks like no one else.

Place for you at our table – Writer/Videographer

   You could write up recipes or even better cook them up for a video! (or Spoon meeting, or me, ect.)

7. Marketing Mogul

   You’re obsessed with branding. Sometimes you sit around thinking about a really good commercial you saw last week. You have notebook of business ideas and the drive to make them come true.

Place for you at our table – Photographer

A lot of marketing goes into making Spoon happen. This is a great way to get hands on experience with an established brand and beef up your resume.