There’s nothing like the shock of walking outside during windy below freezing temperatures, to remind me that it’s the middle of winter and going outside absolutely sucks. Winter is like a test of your will to survive, challenging you with its relentless weather and lack of sunshine. Don’t fear the dismal winter attitude; with this list of dorm-perfect foods you’ll feel cozy and ready to face the winter in no time.


Photo by Meredith Marcus

1. Ramen

Any college student should maintain a stockpile of ramen for those desperate moments of starvation and laziness, especially during the winter. Yes, it is unhealthy and no, I do not care. By the time I choose ramen as my meal, I have already accepted what will inevitably be a sup par meal. Tools needed: a microwave or water kettle (depending on what kind of ramen you have), an eating utensil (arguably optional) and an acceptance of your lunch/dinner/late night meal fate.


Photo by Alyssa Maccarrone

2. Hot Chocolate

A warm beverage on a cold day is priceless and the experience, divine. Hot chocolate is the perfect post class pick-me-up, a treat that winter practically demands you to indulge in. I like mine with marshmallows in a large mug, made with some microwaved warm milk, if available. Is there a relentless blizzard outside? No fear, just make yourself some hot chocolate, sit down on a cozy chair and “do homework,” aka watch Netflix.


Photo by Jocelyn Hsu

3. Tea

When I need a warm drink, but want to feel healthier, I make myself a nice cup of tea. Or in the case when I cannot hide out in my room, I stick a tea bag in my thermos with hot water to survive the cold with my personal heater plus beverage. It’s also great for detoxing my body of all the unhealthy food I tend to consume during winter when hiding from the snow.


Photo by Maggie Gorman

4. Fruits and Vegetables

Beat the winter blues with a dose of vitamins and nutrition. Seriously, whenever I feel winter-bummed, snacking on some baby carrots or an apple or maybe an orange does a lot to combat the typically somber winter spirit. And they keep your diet in check after eating all that other typically heavy winter food. I recommend picking up some snackable veggies like baby carrots or cucumbers from your dining hall; it really makes a world of difference.


Photo by Alma Wang

5. Cereal/Oatmeal/Energy Bars

What I’m really trying to say here is, don’t forget breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day and even if you’re, like me, avoiding walking any distance outside, that does not mean you should skip eating breakfast. Keeping a some packets of oatmeals or small cereal containers around makes eating in the morning easy, breezy and satisfying. Having something in your belly before tackling on the winter cold keeps you from getting exhausted and gives you the energy you need until your next meal.


Photo by Natalie Choy

6. Oreos

No dorm pantry should be complete without Oreos. Those perfect creme stuffed chocolate cookies of goodness are a godsend; they’re the perfect treat or indulgent snack and loved by nearly everyone. Feel free to substitute a similarly adored snack in your winter survival kit, but I think Oreos complete my collection of dorm snacks perfectly. Other sweet dorm treats include chocolate pretzels, mini peanut butter cups, chips or really whatever your heart desires.

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