David Lebovitz

A former cook and baker at the esteemed Chez Panisse in Berkeley California, David Lebovitz blogs about everything from his adventures around Paris to how to prepare chili with chocolate. If you’re looking to experiment in the kitchen with multi-step recipes, check out Lebovitz’s blog. The recipe section is incredibly organized, which is excellent for an anal chef like myself.

Not Without Salt

Voted best cooking blog in 2013 by Saveur, this blog is not only aesthetically pleasing but intellectually enjoyable as well. The front page features an easy-to-navigate index of recipes and latest posts with the option to filter posts by main dishes, side dishes, drinks and layout. Let me tell you, the photos alone are mouthwatering. You have been warned.

Hipster Food

These aren’t just your average tight-jean-wearing, tattoo-wielding, PBR-drinking hipsters. The authors of Hipster Food blog to prove that “vegan food isn’t a fad” and all it takes to make Mizuna salad with cumin-roasted cauliflower look artsy is to place it on top of a piece of cardboard.

Joe Pastry

This handy dandy little blog goes way beyond pretty photos and recipes. Taking a hint from Alton Brown, Joe Pastry explores the science involved in cooking as well as baking techniques, nutrition and food history.

Bake or Break

Whether it’s because of the blog’s low-effort, high-reward recipes or to its simple, clean layout, this Spoon University writer is happy to visit Bake or Break any day. Bake or Break follows the adventures of amateur baker Jenny McHenry as she experiments with everything culinary from no-bake desserts (very college student-friendly) to pies and tarts.

The Gluten Free Student Cookbook

Sure, being gluten free is all the rage these days but on a college campus maintaining that hip gluten free diet can be tricky. The Gluten Free Student Cookbook provides readers with easy to prepare celiac-friendly recipes for the student on a budget.